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Is This The Year of VDI?


Across the world, IT pros have been researching, analyzing and reviewing VDI for more than 20 years! We know the success that we have had in this market, but also know that to date, it is nowhere near maturity.

Like so many others, we again are asking ourselves, Is it the year of VDI? Or has the joke become reality? VDI really is the end user computing (EUC) solution of the future, and it always will be.

We will get to that, but first, let’s remember the value that VDI brings to IT: improved security … consistency … lower costs for EUC environments … anywhere access to data and apps … and hassle-free IT! Well, that’s the perceived value, but has it always been the reality? Is it the reality today?
Let’s look back and explore what has stood in the way of VDI fully taking over the market up to now. We see 3 road blocks:

1. The necessary bandwidth just wasn’t available.
2. Infrastructure was too costly and too complex.
3. The software needed to deploy and manage the solution was too complex, not to mention expensive.

So, where do these issues stand today?
The Necessary Bandwidth: We have it. This has been solved from both directions. Today’s VDI solutions can withstand up to 150 milliseconds of latency and work great. Then, from the carrier side, bandwidth just keeps growing and improving with FttH (fiber to the home), 4G LTE and soon 5G. Good bandwidth is becoming ubiquitous, even into the most rural communities. A great example is how our sister company is deploying high speed fiber directly to the home and business in some of the most rural communities. Personally, when I travel, I use my cell phone as a hotspot, and I am able to log into my desktop no matter where I am.

Infrastructure: The publics have it figured out. Once, to get into this market and provide a VDI solution, the cloud provider had to build and run their own data center (co-lo). We know, we did it! You can’t even imagine the cost, not to mention the complexity: the equipment, the security and the staff needed to oversee it. Then, just as soon as you thought you had it right, it was hardware refresh time, and everything needed to be completely overhauled, because you had to keep doing it better!

But today, it is all about the public data centers! Microsoft Azure, of course, is an incredible, value-priced solution, and we are very proud to deploy end customers on Azure. There are others too that also provide exceptional, highly available, highly secure infrastructure at pricing that will beat any build-your-own strategy – and let’s not forget no more hassle. In 2019, even the world’s largest corporations are storing their data in public data centers. Think about it, Walmart stores its data on Azure.

Software: Leave that to us! Again, we can bring a long lens to this: we have tested and used just about every software application available in support of our cloud workspace solution. We got so tired of looking, that when we found the ideal software, we bought the company! Our native SaaS solution, Cloud Workspace® Management Suite, is a control plane that runs the end user computing (EUC) environment. It is easy to use, easy to manage and cost effective. We have even created a simplified conversion/migration process so that moving an EUC environment to the cloud is as pain-free as possible.

Now, Microsoft is about to go into GA with Windows Virtual Desktop. This is going to add greatly to the end user experience: it provides a multi-session, full Windows 10 desktop with Office 365 ProPlus, all virtualized in the cloud. It’s highly scalable, always up-to-date and available on any device. WVD is revolutionizing EUC and with it, the cloud!

We started this blog with the question, is this the year of VDI? To that, WE SAY YES!

Next week, I am going to be talking more about WVD and how we have been working with Microsoft as a leading partner for Windows Virtual Desktop.

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