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It’s Time to Come to the Cloud, and It Isn’t Too Late … YET.


At CloudJumper, we have been developing our full service WaaS solution and VDI/DaaS/WaaS development software for almost 20 years. We have watched this industry since long before anyone referred to it as the cloud. We have also watched the incredible growth of our company, of the quality of the technology we use to build our solutions, and the different ways our partners and their end customers use our solutions to grow and strengthen their businesses.

Now, we are coming to the end of yet another amazing year of growth and market adoption: 2016 was exceptional, as was 2017 and 2018. But it is going to 2019 when this industry just explodes! So yes, Mr. Jassy is right, and you are still not too late to get into the cloud and make deep inroads quickly, but that window is shrinking.

In January, Microsoft will go into general release with it is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution: a Workspace as a Service offering in Azure. This is huge for our market, and CloudJumper is and has been in the middle of this project with Microsoft for more than 18 months…and if you really want to add it up, we could make the claim that we have been helping them explore the cloud for more than 10 years! But, WVD, it is going to be a game changer. Microsoft is putting billions of dollars into marketing the solution just in North America, and true to Microsoft fashion, they are bringing their partners along for the ride – thank you, Microsoft, we appreciate the support you have given us for so long!

As a Microsoft “leading partner” (their words, not ours!) of WVD, we are already fully prepared to hit the street running when Microsoft goes into general release in early 2019, and that means that our partners will also be fully ready. So, we have to ask: If you aren’t already selling CloudJumper, why not?

Well, if all of that doesn’t convince you to get on board with CloudJumper, here are 4 leading reasons why you need to start the transition right now:

1. It’s Strategic | Your End Customers know about the cloud; they understand its value; and by and large, they want in. When your End Customers are asking for the cloud, it doesn’t just mean that you’re falling behind; it means your End Customers are getting advice from somewhere else. It may be a friend of theirs, but it could also be a competitor of yours…

2. It’s Defensive | This is why it’s so vital for your MSP to get on board, and quickly. First mover advantage is a key benefit that gets more and more elusive each day as the competitors in your local area move to the cloud before you do. Furthermore, if you wait any longer, you won’t just lose potential business – you’ll lose the confidence of your current End Customers too.

To be fair, maybe you do have a cloud solution, but not all your End Customers are on board. You need to bring them on, and quickly – a cloud-first strategy is the only way to transition your End Customers to the cloud before they hear about it from someone else.

3. It Will Make You Money | Our team’s considerable experience in the cloud industry has allowed us to precisely value our service for maximum cost-effect, leaving a great margin for you as you bring it to your End Customers.

Furthermore, once you’ve chosen to sell our Cloud Workspace® solution or create your own solution with our Cloud Workspace® Management Suite software, we won’t leave you holding the bag. From pre-developed marketing collateral to ongoing support from our expert engineers, CloudJumper is here to help. We even provide flexible marketing options, with the freedom to use the CloudJumper name, or alternatively, white label and co-branding options.

4. It Integrates With Other Technologies You Deploy | Are you also providing your End Customers with several software applications or other technology solutions? Our cloud solutions will integrate with them, make it easier to deploy them or even help your End Customer realize enough cost savings so the business can afford to deploy it.

So, what are you waiting for?
Andy Jassy says the market is still ripe to infiltrate.
CloudJumper knows the cloud and stands ready to help you build your business in the cloud.
•  Of course, the business case is there!

Your MSP will make money from the cloud! But, you won’t if you don’t get going! And, if you need any more convincing that your competition is getting into the cloud, know that our partner base has doubled three years running!

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