Cloud Deployments & Conversion Made Easy

The most challenging part of working in the cloud is getting there! CloudJumper has worked extremely hard to make this process as simple as possible with our JumpStart software solutions.

CW.migrate – automated ground to cloud customer migration tool

CW.convert – automated RDS replication and conversion tool



It’s the ultimate solution for quick and seamless customer cloud workspace onboarding. CW.migrate cuts migration time to just daysby simplifying the end user’s data seeding and by automatically translating and applying their security settings.


How CW.migrate Works

After you create your end user account in my.CloudJumper, CW.migrate takes over the migration in a 3-step process, while still allowing you to maintain control of your user every step of the way.  


Scans Customer
Using a simple executable app, CW.migrate searches for and assesses both all end users and the file server for data, applications and folder permissions.
Syncs Customer
The longest part of any migration is the transfer of data from the end user into the cloud. CW.migrate quickly mirrors the environment in the Cloud Workspace, including all information from Active Directory.
Provisions the Cloud Workspace Accounts
Once all of the data has been synced to Cloud Workspace, you complete the process with the push of a button! Of course, if you need to make any changes, you have the control to do it quickly and easily.