Meet our Leadership Team

CloudJumper has a 20-year history of success in the application and desktop virtualization technology space.

Our founder, Al Cinelli, had the vision of a connected cloud workspace – before the concept of cloud was fully developed. As his companies laid fiber optics connecting cities, he understood that applications and desktops could be served from remote datacenters. He went about looking for an innovative IT company who could bring about this vision. The CloudJumper company of today is the culmination of that vision.

Meet Our Team

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President & Chief Revenue Officer

JD Helms

Vice President of Development

Drew Walz


Brad Rowland

Chief Operations Officer

Frank Picarello

Vice President of Marketing

Mark Foust

Vice President of Product Strategy

Mike Walsh

Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Robin Brandl

Vice President of Sales

Paul Finn

Cloudjumper at a glance


Innovator with Multiple Patents and Patent Pendings for VDI optimization technologies


Thousands of current business customers running tens of thousands of remote desktops and applications


2017 & 2018 Gartner recognized Cool Vendors in Unified Workspaces


Citrix Partner Visionary Award Winner for 2014 & Microsoft Partner of the Year finalist


Microsoft Preferred Solution Provider for WVD as well as Gold Partner Competencies for Cloud Platform, Datacenter, Small and Mid-Market Solutions, Cloud Productivity, and more


No Venture Capital Money – Privately held and Financially independent

We Never Stop Exploring, Developing, and Using Our Creativity to Build ONTO the Best.

There is still so much to explore and create for the cloud… so much. As the cloud continues to develop and mature, we will always be there.


Now, Windows Virtual Desktop.

When Microsoft announced its Windows Virtual Desktop, they included us as a “leading partner” for the solution. Our development and product teams have been working with Microsoft for more than 18 months to develop this solution. We have never felt so honored to be part of a product development team.


For Us, That’s Just Natural!

We have been part of the cloud story for almost two decades. During that time, we’ve worked with every major player in IT. No one understands the cloud as we do, and, that will never change.