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Let’s Compare CloudJumper vs Citrix’s Cloud Offering


CloudJumper a born-in-the-cloud SaaS-based solution for WaaS and DaaS/VDI is simple, agnostic and partner friendly.


Citrix – among many other big names – is shoehorning an existing legacy product and calling it a “cloud solution” making it more complicated than necessary. Should you stick it out while they make improvements or find something better?

Cloud Licensing Can Be Complicated – But Does It Have To Be?

Earlier this summer, published an article examining the rather complicated nature of Citrix’s cloud offerings, from its many different types of licenses to the tiered, gate-kept configuration of the workspace app and more. On the whole, the article recognizes that Citrix is currently dealing with a few shortcomings:

“We have to be realistic, even though it may not seem that way, for Citrix Cloud it’s still early days. Is there room for improvement? Definitely. However, I think that Citrix has a tight focus on customer satisfaction and a good ear when it comes to the more technical-focused communities, so let’s give them some (more) time, agreed?”

Should you have to give them more time? That conclusion presupposes that you don’t have any other options, so customers and product users will just have to (in the words of the article) “suffer.”

What’s the Simple Alternative to Citrix?

The fact is that you’re not stuck with Citrix – CloudJumper is proud to offer our Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) as an alternative.

CWMS takes a vendor-agnostic approach to cloud infrastructure automation and management, allowing service providers and enterprise IT administrators who partner with CloudJumper to more easily execute a multi-cloud strategy while reducing the time and resources required to build and deploy solutions.

In the article, author Bas van Kaam notes three key areas of consideration in Citrix’s cloud offering:

1. Citrix: Complicated Licensing | This is, frankly, a lot to parse. Put as simply as possible, when it comes to either Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop, the license is made up of three parts: the product ID, a license model and an edition. The specifics of each determines what features are available to the user in question. You can also combine license models and product IDs, but not editions.

However, depending on which solution you choose, you can have concurrent licensing, or User/Device licensing. Past that, users also need to choose the version: Current Release (regularly updated with new features) or Long-Term Service Release (approximately biennial updates). That’s not all though – you’ll also have a mandatory Customer Success Services contract for the first year.

Got all that? No? Then let’s compare with CWMS and see if it’s any clearer.

CloudJumper: Simple Licensing | CWMS offers straightforward User licensing all in the same up-to-date edition, with all features available. One Fully Functional Product One Simple Price, simple as that.

2. Citrix: Price Driven Editions Limit Workspace Features and Functionality | Further on in the article, it’s noted that as Citrix continues to their push into the cloud, end users won’t be able to access all the features available unless they totally buy in.

“Not using any cloud services, or don’t want to? Well, unfortunately you won’t be able to take full advantage of what the Workspace App has to offer, at least not today. Your experience will remain as-is—something to consider.”

CloudJumper: No limits | No CWMS capabilities are kept from customers behind what are essentially paywalls. Once you’re using CWMS, you get every feature that comes with it, with no limitations based on edition or license. Need to install and run on a private cloud? No Problem. Need to deploy into a public cloud? No problem. Hybrid Cloud…No Problem. Want to manage all the above or multiple cloud deployments from a single interface? Great! No Problem,

3. Citrix: Paywall Driven Pricing Tiers | Building on that previous point, the article also explores (in addition to features) the difference in price between the editions. The price gap between Advanced, Platinum and Enterprise editions are considerable, and with those differences in price come the aforementioned lack of features.

CloudJumper: One Fully Functional Product One Simple Price | But what does the CWMS pricing model look like? In line with how simple and understandable every other aspect of the service is, CloudJumper offers CWMS at a monthly price, based on your usage.

Now, you may be thinking, “Sure, CWMS is simpler than Citrix – but how much of a pain will be it be to transition?”

It’s this line of thinking that keeps so many people stuck with something that isn’t meeting their expectations. It’s easy to assume that you’re better off sticking with the “devil you know,” but that’s not necessarily the case…not this time!

How Complicated Is Transitioning?
CloudJumper is proud to have developed a solution specifically for this – the Cloud Resource App (CRA). CRA makes it so easy to replace Citrix solutions with CloudJumper’s alternative. We regularly have customers leveraging CRA to migrate implementations of 5000 seats and more.

Using the CRA, migration to Cloud Workspace and Cloud Workspace® Management Suite is as simple as copying and pasting your company information. CRA does all the heavy lifting for you: assessing your environment, Active Directory and more. Then it creates your Cloud Workspace Management Suite account and Cloud Workspaces for all your end users.

Follow these five simple steps to transition:

1. Install CRA on top of your Citrix environment.
2. CRA automatically converts all Citrix user profiles to RDS profiles.
3. Begin managing your environment with CWMS.
4. Uninstall Citrix.
5. Save money and reduce complexity.

Should you continue to “suffer”?
Of course not! Let Citrix continue to work toward developing a viable cloud workspace solution, and go with CloudJumper who’s been doing it for years. We even took the hassle out of migration – so what are you waiting for?

Don’t take my word for it – get in touch with us to chat about our offering, and to get a demo version to try out in person.

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