Brad Rowland

Executive Board Advisor

Brad Rowland serves as an Executive Board Advisor for CloudJumper. Brad has a long history in EUC, with leadership positions at Southwestern Bell, Wyse, AppStream, Symantec, FSLogix, and most recently Microsoft, and adds significant depth of expertise and experience to the strength of our management bench. His extensive tech history has stayed centered on the aspects of desktop virtualization and hosting, from managing the product lines at thin client vendor Wyse (acquired by Dell), to running global product and marketing at cloud application delivery ISV AppStream (acquired by Symantec). Starting in 2013, Brad was Chief Marketing Officer at FSLogix, which Microsoft acquired in late 2018 to play a strategic role in the launch of their Windows Virtual Desktop offering.  Outside of work, Brad shares a similar passion to many in the CloudJumper leadership team, with rural economic and workforce development projects in his community in Colorado. In 2018 he led an effort to create Colorado state’s second technology sector partnership, focused on innovation sector job creation in southern Colorado. Through this initiative, their local high school was awarded a PTECH grant, allowing qualifying high school students to receive two free years of tuition reimbursement at their local community college. Out of 180 school districts in Colorado, this grant was the 4th in the state, and the only rural PTECH grant in the country.