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A Major Version of XenApp Will Hit End of Life in June – You Have Five Choices to Protect Your IT…And, You Best Choose Soon!


If you’ve been relying on Citrix for your End User (or End Customer) computing environment, by the end of June, you’re going to need to figure out, what’s next!

Nothing lasts forever, which is especially true at Citrix with how often they force updates and upgrades on their customers. Well, there is a doozy coming in about 7 weeks, and if you aren’t prepared, it could be a resume-generating event for you!

At the end of June, Citrix is sunsetting XenApp 6.5. This decision by Citrix means you have one of five choices to make! If you choose one through four, good luck, we hope you are prepared (hint: we recommend #5).

Choice 1: Stay with XenApp 6.5
Yeah, you can stay! But, without any support, you will need to go forward very carefully. Consider what would happen if you experience something weird in your XenApp 6.5 farm. Today, you have folks to call. In July, it will be limited help, and shortly after that, no help at all. If you go forward in this regard, good luck!

Choice 2: Upgrade to XenApp 7.X
It isn’t a horrible choice if your executive team gladly provides you all the CapEx and opex you will surely need to make this upgrade. Of course, don’t forget that you will also need extra money for those classic “bolt-on” apps Citrix is famous for! Nonetheless, it is a viable choice…well, except that it is still unclear as to how you will manage your environment as Citrix’s Cloud Portal Services Manager (CPSM) is going away too. I would surely ask a lot of questions about that before you make this leap.

Choice 3 & 4: Go to a Citrix Cloud Solution
Citrix is strongly encouraging many of its customers to migrate to either XenApp Express or Citrix Workspace Cloud. The former being more basic, and the latter more robust. In both cases, there isn’t an easy migration path! Instead, your IT team will have to create all your End Users from the ground up: permissions, app assignments, securities, etc. Be prepared for a lot of work as they have no migration app to support your move! The good news is, once you manage to get everyone migrated, the environment should work as before…or at least you hope!

Choice 5: Come to CloudJumper Using the CRA
CloudJumper’s Cloud Resource App (CRA) makes it easier than ever to replace Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop with a Cloud Workspace® environment, and to discontinue using CPSM, replacing it with our Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS).

It is about the migration! With CloudJumper, we have it covered! Using our CRA – maybe we should have called it Citrix Replacement App – the migration to Cloud Workspace and Cloud Workspace Management Suite is as simple as copying and pasting your company information – the whole process should take around an hour to complete, at most!

CRA does all the heavy lifting for you: assessing your environment, Active Directory and more, then creating your Cloud Workspace Management Suite account, and Cloud Workspaces for all your End Users.

The Steps to Transition to CloudJumper
1. Install CRA on top of your Citrix environment.
2. CRA automatically converts all Citrix user profiles to RDS profiles.
3. Begin managing your environment with CWMS.
4. Uninstall Citrix.
5. Save money and reduce complexity. Goodbye Citrix!

Transitioning to CloudJumper Benefits You!
• Cloud Workspace Management Suite is fully compatible with all of the layers in your stack, giving you a single portal to manage them.
• Our solutions are provided “as a Service” and include all upgrades. This will be your last migration ever.
• Never use Citrix again! Cloud Workspace Management Suite replaces Cloud
Portal Services Manager. Cloud Workspace replaces XenApp and XenDesktop.
• Cloud Workspace and Cloud Workspace Management Suite are so easy to use, your front-line staff can manage your End User (or End Customer) computing network.

Why believe us? CloudJumper’s executive team comes from a long-time partner of Citrix – in fact, Citrix created their CSP program in concert with our guys! Our team found a lot of success with Citrix, and in 2013, Citrix honored them with their “Partner Visionary Award.” Success yes, but ultimately, the team just got tired of dealing with the complexity and hassle of Citrix…they were so visionary, they were the first to leave!

Since then, CloudJumper has kept innovating. Now thanks to our acquisition of IndependenceIT, we have a deep understanding of both the environment and the software needed to manage either your (or your End Customers’) CloudJumper Cloud Workspace or your on-premise infrastructure and End User computing environment.

To create CRA, we used what we knew about Citrix and their solutions and our experiences transitioning away from them. From that, we built a simple app that will also release you from the headache of Citrix. To date, we have migrated 20,000+ End Users from Citrix to Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS). That’s 20,000+ users who are getting a better, more cost-effective solution. Don’t your End Customers and your bottom line deserve the same?

So, why bother with Citrix any longer? Stop putting off the inevitable and start your transition from Citrix to CloudJumper’s Cloud Workspace® and Cloud Workspace® Management Suite today. CloudJumper’s CRA will solve your Citrix problem as it has for 20,000+ others.

To get your transition started right away, get in touch with us at or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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