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CloudJumper’s Max Pruger Named A CRN 2018 Channel Chief!


Our very own Max Pruger has been recognized in the 2018 CRN Channel Chief Awards for his work in expanding our channel ecosystem through sales of our Cloud Workspace® WaaS solution.

As I look back over my tenure at the helm of CloudJumper, I know that I have made some really good decisions.  I am infinitely proud of our Cloud Workspace® WaaS solution and our Cloud Workspace® Management Suite software, along with our partner portal, all of which are industry-leading solutions.

But really, it’s our people!  As they know, because I tell them a lot, we have an amazing team dedicated to our partners and their success in the cloud.  The simple truth is that we wouldn’t be where we are today or growing at rates envied by the rest of the market without the people who make up our team.

While every member of our team plays a key role in our service quality and development as a business, today I’d like to recognize one person in particular: Max Pruger.

Max was recently named to CRN’s 2018 Channel Chief list, recognized for his outstanding contributions in growing our channel ecosystem and delivering our services to new partners. Given that this is Max’s second year in a row as a CRN Channel Chief, I figured it would be a good opportunity to talk about why the CloudJumper team and I are so proud to work with him.

I’ve had the pleasure to know Max for the past 15 years, long before either of us were a part of the CloudJumper team.  Max has been a force in the MSP industry for nearly 20 years, constantly growing his sales performance and leadership skills.

When I met Max, I was running another business, and Max was a sales leader at Kaseya, a leading RMM business tool.  It was during this time that I recognized how talented Max was as a sales and all-around business pro, and I knew someday we would work together.

Sometimes we get amused when we think of Max as a sales leader.  Spend any time with him, and you will know that he is nothing like the stereotypical “sales guy” you see portrayed in the media – he’s not fast talking; he always tells it like it is; and his follow up skills would be the envy of anyone in any career that values fastidiousness.  That’s one of the reasons our team truly adores him: nothing ever gets lost in his email box…I only just wish I knew how he managed to do that!

Max takes pride in educating potential new partners on just how valuable Cloud Workspace® is to their respective businesses.  He always brings it back to numbers – real numbers – and the bottom line, and he never makes sales by exerting undue pressure.  It’s just not who he is! He doesn’t need to, Max speaks with authority and believability.  He is a great sales pro, because he knows how to impart the value of the product he represents. But, it’s once he brings a new partner to CloudJumper that his real worth shines through: always interested, always there to help, always emails answered — that’s Max.

Just like he is there for our partners, he’s there for his team.  He naturally embraces a perfect middle ground between demanding and thoughtful.  Instinctively, he knows when a direct report needs help and when they need a kick in rear.  Then, he doles out both with an eye toward the bottom line.  Max loves his numbers!

When I joined the CloudJumper team, I knew I wanted him on board as well. But that took some time.  Max is a cautious soul, because his reputation is important to him.  He did his homework before he would accept my job offer. He spent time talking to other contacts in the industry just to make sure CloudJumper was everything I was telling him it was. He knew that cloud computing was an industry ripe for the growth we have now experienced over the last three years.  What got him believing we really had something was knowing that no one – not Citrix, not VMware, not AWS – had a WaaS solution that was as complete or as cost-effective for the channel as our Cloud Workspace® which was far ahead of the market, even then.

Max saying yes to me was nothing less than his testament to our quality and the relevance of CloudJumper’s Cloud Workspace®.  Fast forward to today, and it’s clear my instincts and past experience have proven accurate. In short, I was right to bet on Max, and Max was right to bet on CloudJumper.

Max’s recognition by CRN is due in part to how he has grown our channel ecosystem by 100% per year in both 2016 and 2017. With Max’s help, we have built a superior partner network made up of MSPs, ISV and marketing agents.  Additionally, they are lauding Max because of his sales team’s phenomenal sales success: almost every month last year set a new CloudJumper sales record, and in October of 2017, we hit a long-sought after company milestone.  So, here we are just starting 2018, and we have jumped out of the gates with the acquisition of IIT and two more highly successful sales months.  Quite simply, none of this would have happened without Max!

It’s for all these reasons and so much more that I see Max as my right-hand. He embodies our commitment to offering the best cloud solution for our growing network of partners with profit margins that drive our partners’ cloud businesses. I speak for the entire CloudJumper team when I say congratulations on your latest recognition by CRN; we’re honored to have you with us, Max.

For more information about the CloudJumper solutions that Max helps deliver to our growing network of partners, get in touch with us right away at or (844) 645-6789 to get started. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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