Business Continuity Solution Accelerator

Limited Time Offer

Business Continuity Solution Accelerator

As the front-line heroes work to contain and mitigate COVID-19, Microsoft and CloudJumper are working together to provide a Business Continuity solution offer to help minimize impacts to businesses and employee productivity.

We believe Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the ideal solution for organizations looking for the most secure and productive method to keep employees engaged and connected. 

WVD is a flexible, but complex set of services and CloudJumper solves the challenging technical adoption barriers to enable organizations to be productive immediately. It all starts with our simple UI which overlays the Azure environment and allows you to deploy, manage, maintain and optimize WVD remote desktop and application workspaces — without PowerShell.

CloudJumper can take you from zero to deployed, at Azure scale, in a matter of minutes.

CloudJumper is extending a special, limited time offer to leverage our software for Business Continuity use cases.

Our software provides a turnkey solution to deploy and manage Microsoft’s Azure WVD.

WVD is the next generation of end-user computing (EUC) remote work solutions and allows employees to stay connected, engaged and productive. WVD is modern, relevant and cost-effective. It inherits all of the benefits of Microsoft Azure – including its rock-solid security.

WVD allows you to connect to your remote Windows 10 desktop from any device, at any time. WVD brings you the best of Windows 10 compatibility, an optimized Office 365 experience, and the superior economics of cloud computing.

For a flat fee of $1,000*, CloudJumper will provide a 10 user license to our software for a full year.

Additionally, to support your immediate business continuity needs, CloudJumper is generously offering unlimited user licensing for the first 30 days of activation.*

It doesn't take much to get started



  • Upon registration for this offer a CloudJumper representative will contact you to answer questions, finalize signup, and schedule your deployment. Scheduling is first come, first serve.
  • Included in price is one-year of CloudJumper licensing for up to 10 named users for one year; however, within the first 30 days of activation, you may run unlimited users at no additional cost
  • After the 30-day period, excess of 10 users are billable at current (per user/per month) rates.
  • Customer is solely responsible for their own Microsoft licensing and Azure Infrastructure costs.
  • CloudJumper will offer full support for our software. WVD support is done through your partner or Microsoft support services agreement.
  • Partners and Customer will self-manage their WVD environment including IaaS, data migration, desktop and applications, as well as support your end users.
  • CloudJumper may refer customers to System Integration partners for more complex customization and use cases.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply