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Editor’s Note: this blog is part of a series that highlights specific messaging for different company types.  This week, we address enterprises and how the cloud can free up resources and allow them to focus on the big picture.  As an MSP or other CloudJumper marketing partner, this series will help you develop your own cloud messaging or branding.

When it comes to business, the larger you are, the more complex you are. For all the benefits your enterprise-tier size offers you — greater capital, economies of scale and more — you still have to worry about the same things that SMBs deal with, but just on a larger and more complicated scale.

One such worry is IT. In order to keep your enterprise operating, you’d normally need a considerable in-house IT department, as well as all the massive investments in on-site hardware and crucial software licenses that go along with it. On top of all this, it takes time and attention to ensure your IT is working properly, both of which could be better spent on growing and developing your company.

CloudJumper wants to show you a better way – the cloud. Big business was the slowest business type to embrace the cloud, but now, they are becoming just as likely to put at least portion of their IT in the cloud.

Do you know why? The cloud offers:

  • Hassle-free IT | By outsourcing your IT to the cloud, you pass off daily management of servers, applications, desktops, backups and more to a team of trained professionals.
  • Off-Network Testing | The cloud presents an ideal way to test new applications and projects in risk-free, off network environments.
  • Simple Scalability | No matter how your enterprise grows — new offices, additional departments, etc. — the cloud can be easily scaled to fit your needs perfectly.
  • Cost Savings | When you move your IT to the cloud, you eliminate the need for costly on-site servers and other hardware, freeing up valuable capital for other company investments.
  • Mobile Capability | As your workforce becomes more mobile, the cloud will keep up every step of the way, providing convenient and secure access to business data from wherever they may be.
  • Dynamic Security | The bigger your company, the bigger the target on your back. With the cloud, you won’t have to worry, thanks to a robust suite of security standards and solutions that will keep your data safe from a range of external threats.
  • Support for Business Continuity | Given how many clients you service each and every day, it’s vital that your business can continue operating no matter what happens. In the event of data loss, power outage or otherwise, your data can be easily replicated, and applications can be quickly spun up to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

CloudJumper’s network of MSP partners is proud to offer enterprises like yours a stable and robust Workspace as a Service (WaaS) cloud solution, Cloud Workspace®, to help you save time, money and effort when it comes to your IT.

To learn more about how our cloud solutions will help you simplify IT and free up resources, get in touch with our team right away: or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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