How MSPs Can Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Janet Cinelli

Earlier we explored why it’s imperative that MSPs start offering cloud services. Today let’s talk about how MSPs can make the transition seamless for both clients and themselves.

cloud computing

The biggest struggle many MSPs face when moving to the cloud is not understanding the market and how to make the leap attractive to worrisome business owners.

Clients will want to know:

  • How secure is the cloud?
  • How is important data protected from being lost?
  • What will the integration and training process be like?
  • How long will migration to the cloud take?
  • Does the cloud meet compliance regulations?

Being able to answer these questions will help MSPs overcome concerns about transitioning a business to the cloud.

Cloud Computing

Ignoring these questions and continuing to use legacy software may be an easy solution in the short-term. However, telcos are making a strong pitch for the cloud and rightfully so. By moving to the cloud small business owners are able to access their software anytime, anyplace in a more secure environment than their legacy on-premises or co-lo environment.

MSPs that choose to ignore cloud solutions will risk losing clients over time as they learn about the benefits of cloud computing from telcos.

Gaining an In-Depth Understanding the Cloud

There is a lot of useful information already available about the cloud and where it stands today. However, technology is rapidly advancing and the industry is in a constant state of progressive change. It’s extremely important for MSPs to enroll themselves in a cycle of continued education to properly consult clients and stay ahead of telcos and other competitors.

From reading blog posts like this one to attending webinars and conferences, MSPs must educate themselves on the latest offerings and how to incorporate these offerings into their services mix.

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