my.CloudJumper Partner Portal makes it easier than ever to move your customers into the cloud.

JD Helms

The many benefits that come along with moving your customers’ businesses to the cloud are common knowledge at this point. The cloud has been around long enough now that everyone has heard about how it can increase staff productivity and mobility, cut unnecessary costs, provide valuable analytics and more; so why have so many people hesitated to make the change?

For as much as moving to the cloud can offer your customers, it’s simply not that easy to do. Even if you went with a big name like Amazon Web Services, you’d be stuck trying to port your entire IT system into it, which is no small feat. What’s worse, one wrong move can lead to downtime, data loss and worse.

That’s why CloudJumper developed our very own, in-house built Partner Portal, my.CloudJumper for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) like you. This industry-leading solution is designed to support you as you build your customers’ businesses in the cloud from beginning to end, with a flexible, tailored experience that can be scaled to suit your needs as an MSP.

my.CloudJumper provides the partner with complete visibility into their respective client accounts, with a range of vital features, including:

  • Quoting: This prospect quoting tool provides lead registration and a clear process for developing an accurate quote for a potential new customer after answering just 5 simple questions.
  • Billing and Finance: The tool also offers detailed and simple invoice information and detailed, robust billing information, available for download as need be.
  • Comprehensive Support: This portal also allows you to log and track support tickets as we address them from the CloudJumper end.
  • Dashboard: The my.Cloudjumper portal also offers viewers a snapshot of customer accounts, providing you with the level of detail needed to assess and solve the end-user’s concerns. When necessary, the portal also provides in-depth visibility into servers (last reboot, usage history, storage levels, etc.), OS, CPU, RAM, end-user login history, and more.

The best part? my.CloudJumper is FREE to our partners.

Want to learn more about the my.CloudJumper Partner Portal? Get in touch with us right away at or (844) 645-6789.

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