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Neutralizing Insider Cybersecurity Threats (Questions/Answers)


Whether they mean to or not, employees can greatly weaken a business’ cybersecurity – so what’s the best way to eliminate the threat they pose?

What’s The Best Way To Protect Against Both Negligent AND Malicious Employees?

Whether they mean to or not, employees can greatly weaken a business’ cybersecurity – so what’s the best way to eliminate the threat they pose?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored just much your employees can contribute to your cybersecurity – or, in other cases, threaten it. Whether as a result of mindless negligent practices, or instead due to a malicious employee’s intent to do damage, in their role as a user the employee plays a big part in business security.

In addition to making sure the staff is aware of the role they play in keeping data secure, the best way for a given business to mitigate any potential threats is with the right software. An effective and robust solution will combine important redundancies with vital controls to create an environment that’s both easy to use and totally secure against expected threats.

Does this sound too good to be true? Then allow us to introduce you to Cloud Workspace®.

How Does CloudJumper Protect Partners and Users?

In addition to everything that Cloud Workspace® does for businesses in terms of efficiency, convenience and user experience, we’ve also designed it to ensure your end customers’ businesses are kept safe – from threats both external and internal. The following range of cybersecurity features will protect your end customers against careless mistakes and ruthless attacks:

  1. Backup
    Whether it’s an unfortunate mishap with an employee accidentally deleting vital files or a more serious emergency caused by ransomware, end customers don’t have to worry. By the very nature of the solution, Cloud Workspace® ensures that there are multiple recent and accessible backup copies available at a moment’s notice.
  2. Antivirus
    No matter if the end customer is a small business or a Fortune 500 conglomerate, they both enjoy the benefits robust and proven antivirus, antimalware and antispam software.
  3. Centralization
    Another advantage to the cloud computing is in how it shifts the burden of value away from the user’s fallible, vulnerable hardware. Whether the desktop PC in question gets locked by a virus or fried by a spilled coffee, it doesn’t matter – all of the important data is housed off-site, in a central and secure data center that can be easily accessed by those with the right credentials.
  4. Two-Factor Authentication
    Speaking of credentials, another common weakness in business cybersecurity is password management. Too often, employees will rely on easy-to-remember (and therefore, easy-to-guess) passwords – anything sufficiently complicated is simply too hard to remember.This is why Two-Factor Authentication is so important – it’s the new standard for digital security, enforcing a strict security policy right at the time of access, as compared to other forms that require the installation of agents. When a user attempts to login in using their username and password, they receive a push notification on a separate device to confirm the action. In plainer terms, Two-Factor Authentication ensures that only users with both the security credentials (username and password) and an independent additional device (such as a smartphone) that corresponds to those credentials will be able to access the account.
  5. Complete Control
    Lastly, our Cloud Workspace® solution also provides more granular, but still vitally important control. Specifically, it can limit the user’s ability to copy and paste info into or out of the environment.

It sounds simple, but the standard function of being able to copy text and move it elsewhere can be a major security concern for businesses. By taking away that straightforward functionality, it greatly increases the work required for a malicious insider to steal information and do real harm to the organization.

The CloudJumper team understands how important security is in the modern business world, with new threats cropping up on a nearly daily basis – that’s why it’s so important for your end customers to have comprehensive protection at their place of business, both in order to protect their vital assets, as well as give them peace of mind.

From our data center security measures (managed firewall, antivirus, antispam measures, onsite security personnel) to the way we keep your end customers safe from threats like Wanna Cry to basic solutions like Two-Factor Authentication, we provide cloud security that you and your end customers can really rely on.

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