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Growing Your Company is Our Business


Your Success is Our Success We never forget every partner success story contributes to our growth

From day one, we built our company, processes and systems for your success, to ensure that you achieve your cloud goals.

The Products You Need to Grow | From Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure to our turnkey managed platform product, we support a full range of solutions to help you build your business in the cloud. Then, we back them up with the fastest and easiest end user migration and conversion solutions.

my.CloudJumper | Use our single-pain-of-glass partner portal for deploying and managing your end users. It keeps you in control of all users, security settings, groups and customer servers. You also use it to track tickets, review invoices and monitor performance.

Sales, Engineering & Marketing Support | Once you’ve made the smart choice to partner with CloudJumper, we don’t leave you holding the bag. From predeveloped marketing collateral to ongoing support from our expert engineers, CloudJumper is here to help.

Cloud Resource Team | We assign every partner a team of cloud sales and service experts to assist you in achieving your goals.

Training | We’ve been doing the cloud for almost 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our customer-focused training teaches you all the secret to successfully grow your business in the cloud.

We Wrap Our Success in Yours | We don’t sell direct, so your dedicated support team is there for you from day 1, always helping, teaching and guiding.

Backing It Up with All the Right Tools | As a CloudJumper partner, we provide you brandable marketing material, an industry-leading partner portal and invoices that are logical and well laid out, all in support of you building your business in the cloud.

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Partner with the Company Who Knows You!

CloudJumper has been supporting partners since its founding. Throughout our history, we have always taken the time to listen to our partners, to make sure that our products, system and tools meet your needs.  

Partner Benefits

Simple AgreementGrows RevenueSolutions Built Using the Best Technology MRR is KingSticky Customers100% Through the Channel
simple agreement
Simple Agreement

We are 100% channel with zero signup fees and month-to-month terms.? That’s pretty simple.

grows revenue
Grows Revenue

Our solutions come with high margins, but we have also value-priced them to make sure they are well received in the marketplace.

using the best technology
Solutions Built Using the Best Technology

This is in our DNA as we have always built our solutions using only best-of-breed. Recently, Microsoft named us a “Leading Partner” for its Windows Virtual Desktop solution. Our partners will be among the first companies able to market this solution when it’s available in early 2019.

mrr is king
MRR is King

Why fuss with IT-projects and all that bidding, only to find out the CapEx isn’t there?!? The cloud is inherently billed as a service allowing you to build nice Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). You’ll never want to “work an hour to earn a buck” ever again!

sticky customers
Sticky Customers

Our retention rates are almost 100% over 6-year run-rates, and no more low-margin IT projects means every customer remains valuable, year in and year out.

100% through the channel
100% Through the Channel

Indeed! We are 100% through the channel, and we will never take ownership of your customers or any of the services they bring to your cloud. PERIOD!

After two horrible experiences with previous cloud server providers, I finally found what true partnership means from a vendor. CloudJumper is the perfect turnkey cloud solution – exactly what I need as a solo MSP.

Lori Hardtke,President, ByteWize, Inc.

Customer reviews of GoldMine Cloud powered by CloudJumper have been stellar and adoption has risen steadily since implementing it. Going forward, we expect this trend to continue.

Paul R. Petersen,VP &General Manager, GoldMine

CloudJumper was the most mature solution and team we evaluated. From the beginning, they understood what we needed to meet our goals, and they worked closely with us to develop the right cloud solution for our software.

Josh McDonald,Manager IT Solutions, HCSS

CloudJumper has provided the lowest overhead solution in the industry. It’s provided us with significant savings and an ROI which our customers have benefited from at many levels. Add to that low-touch management plus solid, predictable margins and it can be said that CloudJumper has exceeded our original expectations.

James White,Managing Partner MainFrameIT

Combined with Continuum, Cloud Workspace by CloudJumper offers IT service providers the opportunity to enhance the lifetime value of their customer base with ongoing service and support options.

Wayne Berkowitz,VP Partner Success, Continuum

CloudJumper combines automated orchestration, single pane of glass management and premier technical support for anytime, anywhere access to more than two thousand business applications.

Michael R. Callan,CEO, Swizznet.

CloudJumper’s Cloud Workspace® is well-suited for our customers and is an effective complement to the cloud services we offer.

David Shacochis,VP, Hybrid IT Product Management, CenturyLink.

The market has turned a corner with businesses looking toward the cloud to optimize how they conduct business operations. Cloud Workspace® reveals this opportunity to its partners with technology that is automated from the word go.

Tommy Vaughan,President, Central Technology Solutions.

CloudJumper’s channel partner portal, my.CloudJumper, makes it simple and easy for us to manage operations by dramatically reducing client migration time and costs associated with lengthy deployments, thereby reducing time to revenue. There is no other comparable WaaS management solution like this on the market.

Chuck Whiteley,Business Manager, TouchPoint Networks.

It is our mission to partner with technology leaders offering best-in-class platforms. Our partnership with CloudJumper allows us to lead the way in cloud workspace and streaming app service delivery.

Tim Conkle,CEO, The20.

I have customers on both CloudJumper’s turnkey solution and their software-only product. I love the flexibility they give me to fit my offerings to individual customers, depending on their specific needs.

Bob Michie,President,MetroMSP, LLC.

Microsoft has been saying that the benefit of Azure is scaling resources to match workloads. CloudJumper turns that messaging into 2 clicks of simplicity.

Miles Feinberg,Service Development, Synoptek.

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