Bound for Success.

With the Right Partnership in Place.
Up is the Only Way To Go.

Whether you’re an MSP, agent, telco or ISV, our team of thought leaders can customize cloud solutions for your clients—taking them to the forefront of technology while boosting business growth. We are a 100% through the channel, so our focus is always on you, your needs and building your business in the cloud.  Learn how CloudJumper Partner, MainFrameIT did it.

Partnership Benefits
  • Disruptive pricing
  • Great margins
  • Maintain control over customers with control panel
  • High volume provisioning platform for fast on-boarding
  • Disruptive pricing
  • Aggressive commissions from sticky customers
  • Sales, engineering and marketing support
  • Help in closing business
  • We handle all provisioning, billing and customer care
  • Seamlessly deliver your on-premise apps in the cloud
  • Flexibility to provide BYOL or a subscription based model
  • Work with the people who pioneered the process for virtualizing applications

Power Up the Partnership.

As pioneers of the cloud, our staff has built a solution that is partner-friendly:

  • An easy-to-sell turn-key cloud solution.
  • Pricing rates to build your cloud business quickly and very profitably.
  • A portal to keep you fully control over all of your customers.

Branding Options

partner5aWhite Label

Choose to market our services under your name.


Choose to market our services as CloudJumper.


Enjoy the benefits of embracing the Cloud Jumper name while promoting the solution as your own.

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