Anytime Access. Full Functionality.

Harness the Potential of Hosted QuickBooks

CloudJumper’s hosted QuickBooks provides all the features of the desktop version — with none of the hassle. By taking the most trusted accounting software to a secure cloud environment, users enjoy real-time access, multi-device compatibility, automatic backups, and much more.

Hosted QuickBooks Pricing

Subscribing to QuickBooks through CloudJumper provides a simple, cost-effective accounting solution.
We host all versions of QuickBooks, for all accounting needs.

Bring Your Own QuickBooks License*
CloudJumper Hosted Workspace $49.99/user/month
CloudJumper with QuickBooks Subscription
CloudJumper Hosted Workspace $49.99/user/month
Add QuickBooks Pro + $20.00/user/month
Add QuickBooks Premier + $25.00/user/month
Add QuickBooks Premier Accountant + $25.00/user/month
Add QuickBooks Enterprise + $75.00/user/month
Other Services
Installation $50.00/user
Dedicated Server $50.00/company/month
Other Included Apps Evernote, Skype, PowerPivot, PDF Reader/Writer, and more…
Access from Any Device Yes (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
Multi-Monitor Support Yes
Free Technical Support Yes
Self Serve Help Desk Yes
Universal Printer Support Yes
Automatic Nightly Backups Yes
CloudJumper Control Panel Yes
Payroll Table Updates Yes! On Demand at Your Choosing
Additional Application Hosting 2200+ Apps Supported (call for quote)

Number of Users: 6 or more concurrent users please call for a quote
* BYOL is limited to current year version minus 2 previous years.
Invoice will include a mandatory Intuit Hosting Fee of $5/user/month.

Hosted QuickBooks Benefits

Streamline Your Accounting

Access a fully functional version of QuickBooks from any device, at any time. Share files with colleagues, clients and accountants. Work on the same file simultaneously, thus eliminating the need for different copies of files.

Protect Your Data

Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your sensitive data is protected at all times. With hosted QuickBooks by CloudJumper, all files are backed up in SSAE-16 certified data centers.

Management Made Easy

As the administrator, you decide who has access to your files at all times. Create password-protected connections. Invite others to collaborate.

Simplify Your IT

With fewer locally installed applications, you can reduce server costs and save time. Best of all, your network is always maintained on schedule.

  • Is this the same as QuickBooks Online?

    No. CloudJumper hosts the full desktop version of Quickbooks. It’s the Quickbooks you know and love, only in the cloud. Hosted QuickBooks is secure, backed up automatically and accessible from anywhere, at any time.

  • Can I try QuickBooks before purchasing?

    Absolutely. When you first subscribe through CloudJumper, you will be asked to create a username and password. You will then have a 10-day trial period during which there is no obligation to purchase.

  • Do you backup my data?

    Of course! Automatic backup is a key advantage of taking QuickBooks to the cloud. Daily backups are retained for 7 days and weekly backups are kept for 5 weeks. You can also customize your schedule to suit your needs.

  • Can I get a copy of my QuickBooks Company Data File?

    You may download a copy of the company file to your local computer at any time. QuickBooks online does not offer this service, but CloudJumper does!

  • Once I place an order, what happens next?

    CloudJumper will contact you to review your order, verify customer user lists and plug-in/add-on details, and provide you with a licensing key. We will then build your cloud environment and help you move your data to the cloud. You’re all set!

  • Can you teach me how to use QuickBooks or features in QuickBooks?

    Unfortunately, we are not equipped to provide tutorial assistance. However, there are many resources online you may want to consult.

  • Can I use your hosted QuickBooks if I live abroad?

    It depends on where you are located. At this time, international access to our product is limited. Contact our team for current availability outside of the United States.

  • What versions of QuickBooks software can be hosted?

    CloudJumper hosts all versions of QuickBooks including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Edition. Older versions that are no longer supported under Intuit’s Service Discontinuation Plan policy are not available for hosting.

  • What is an Intuit Authorized Host?

    An Intuit Authorized Host, such as CloudJumper, is a company that has been legally authorized by Intuit to host QuickBooks desktop software for end users’ access. These companies specialize in scalable and secure professional software and data hosting services.

  • Can independent hosting companies offer QuickBooks desktop hosting if they aren’t authorized by Intuit?

    Legally speaking, only Intuit authorized hosts, such as CloudJumper, can offer QuickBooks desktop hosting services to end users.


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