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Why Your Clients Need a Secure Business Class File Sharing Solution


You’ve likely heard of file sharing and syncing platforms like DropBox, Google Drive and Box. You might even use one or more of these platforms today to organize your personal documents, photos and presentations.

When it comes to personal usage, these platforms offer almost every feature a casual user could want. However, corporate business users will often require much more security than these products can provide.

A few years ago business class file sharing that synced with the cloud was unheard of, but today companies like CloudJumper have developed really strong offerings at price points that match their personal usage counterparts.

What is Business Class File Sharing?

Business class file sharing sets itself apart from consumer grade platforms through increased security, reliable data backup, compliance with governing bodies and IT oversight.


Business class file syncing and sharing software provides ease of mind through:

  • Download restrictions
  • User activity log
  • Ability to wipe a user’s access remotely
  • Collaboration tools to eliminate the need for a cumbersome FTP connection
  • Compliance with HIPPA, GBLA and SOX
  • Enterprise-grade security (256-bit AES encryption)
  • Continuous, real-time backup
  • Recovery for deleted data
  • Restoration for old revisions
  • File sync between the cloud, all devices and a local server

Consumer grade products may offer limited recovery or restoration, but it’s unlikely these backups will be saved for more than 30 days. Business class solutions offer recovery and restoration capabilities going as far back as you need. Phew.

If all of that sounds great, you’ll be excited to know it gets even better!

CloudJumper is taking business class file sharing to the next level by offering offline access to files in the cloud. By syncing files between the cloud and your computer hard drive, your documents are accessible in both locations, giving you peace of mind.

Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or flying in a plane with no internet, you can still access, edit and save files using JumpDrive by CloudJumper. Then, once you reconnect to the internet, a sync will automatically be initiated to securely update the files you changed while you were on the go, ensuring you and your team have access to the most recent versions of each document.

man on business flight

Thankfully the days of saving docs to your c:/drive and not being able to share them with team members are gone.  Now you just have to sit back, place your tray in the upright position and enjoy business class service with JumpDrive by CloudJumper!

Why it’s Dangerous for Businesses to Use Consumer Grade File Sharing:

Still not 100% convinced that you should disrupt your client’s current way of working by encouraging them to move to a business class solution? Here’s why it’s dangerous not to make the jump.

The use of consumer grade file sharing within a corporate environment makes your clients vulnerable to internal and external threats.

Products made just for personal use often:

  • Lack secure sharing and continuous backup
  • Fail to offer two-factor authentication
  • Cannot protect against viruses and malware like Cryptolocker
  • Provide little or no IT oversight

These factors along with a lack of true collaboration and role-based features make consumer grade products vastly inferior to business class solutions like JumpDrive.

business class file sharing

Picture this: what would happen if one of your clients was hit with Cryptolocker — or a malicious employee deleting important files from a shared drive. How would you quickly and securely restore the corrupted or lost files while wiping user access away from the suspected thief?

With JumpDrive you can take control instantly and have your client back up and running within minutes. If your client was using Google Drive or a different consumer grade file sharing program, you’d be in for a headache! A migraine!

With JumpDrive, you are given access to a unified dashboard, comprehensive reporting, remote wipes and granular controls, making it easy for you to manage how company data is shared – both internally and between third parties. You just won’t get that with consumer grade products.

What Should an MSP Look for When Choosing a File Sharing Solution?

By now you’re likely convinced that suggesting a business grade solution for file sharing and syncing is the best thing to do for your clients – but how do you choose the right one?

You could go with a recognizable name like Dropbox for Business, but after evaluating their features, you would find this so called business solution isn’t HIPPA compliant. If you have clients in the medical field you, would need to find another option. This is just one example of a feature that is lacking – what others would you find if you dug deeper?

When evaluating business class solutions we suggest to check and see if the platform offers:

  • Offline access to cloud hosted files
  • Business class security and collaboration features
  • Compliance with HIPPA, SOX, and other industry regulatory bodies
  • Management for multiple clients
  • A brandable web portal
  • Attractive revenue model

You’ll definitely want to look for a vendor that helps you setup a recurring revenue model with profitable margins, at a price point that your clients will buy into.

If you’re ready to talk with someone at CloudJumper about the benefits of JumpDrive contact us today!

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