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Managing Or Outsourcing The Cloud (Questions/Answers)


Do you prefer to handle a task firsthand, or leave it to a reliable team? When it comes to cloud workspace solutions, do you even have a choice?

When it comes to oil changes, there are two types of people, right?

You’ve got those who want to take care of it themselves. They know how to, maybe because their dad showed them how when they were young. They enjoy the process because they get the satisfaction of accomplishing a necessary task.

Furthermore, maybe they’ve invested a lot in their car, and enjoy the opportunity to work on it first-hand. That’s not to mention that, by handling the labor themselves, they don’t have to pay for someone else to do it.

On the other hand, you’ve got those who would rather have a garage handle it for them. It’s simpler, cleaner and guarantees everything goes the way it should. Maybe this person wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to an oil change – that’s OK. After all, they’re not a mechanic.

Or, perhaps, they’re simply too busy to undertake the task – learning how to change the oil, buying the necessary materials, and actually taking the time to do it is, frankly, a lot to handle. Again, given that they’re not a mechanic, there’s no reason they should have to.

The fact is that either case is acceptable, and they both have one very important thing in common – in both cases, the oil gets changed; the job gets done. While the way in which it gets done can vary from person to person, the point is that their car won’t overheat and seize up the next time they take it on the highway.

The real question is – which type of person are you?

Which Model for Cloud Workspace Deployment Should You Choose?

Just like with oil changes, or grilling a steak, or tuning up a bicycle, there’s an important choice to be made when it comes to the Cloud Workspace® you deliver to your end customers – will you manage it firsthand, or have someone else handle it for you?

As with any of these examples, it depends on a few key considerations:

  • Capabilities: This is as straightforward as it gets – does your staff have the expertise and skillsets necessary to deploy, manage and maintain a Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform for your end customers?
  • Resources: Similarly, do you (and your staff) have the time needed to oversee the performance of a WaaS platform? Conversely, would you prefer to budget for an outsourced team to handle it for you?
  • Control: Lastly, is WaaS management something that you’re willing to outsource? For some, it’s so vital a part of the services they deliver to end customers that they’d simply rather handle the work themselves in order to maintain their peace of mind that it’s being handled properly.

Regardless of how you responded to these key considerations, we’ve got good news for you – CloudJumper is proud to offer solutions that fit your needs and preferences…

Cloud Workspace® Management Suite – Software for Control and Capability

Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) takes a vendor-agnostic approach to cloud infrastructure automation and management, allowing service providers and enterprise IT administrators who partner with CloudJumper to more easily execute a multi-cloud strategy while reducing the time and resources required to build and deploy solutions.

CWMS offers a number of key capabilities to MSPs who prefer to handle deployment firsthand:

  • Deployment of a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) in Azure or GCE very simply using a quick wizard and automation, handling platform servers, gateways, firewall, network configuration, user management, and includes an automation framework for app delivery and any other scripted events.
  • Active resource management allows for minimal infrastructure, ensuring resources are scheduled or set to respond to real-world usage.
  • Our patented “hibernate and wake” technology allows simple and secure access, even at unscheduled times.
  • Leverage Active Directory services, and use your Microsoft Office 365 identity as your Active Directory in the cloud.
  • Integration with Azure also allows for GPU enabled machines that, when combined with automatic resource management, can deliver high-performance GPU machines at an affordable cost.

In a nutshell, CWMS is the software our partners use to manage their end customers’ Cloud Workspace® instances. Also, your MSPs can use it to deploy and manage your own WaaS solution.  It supports large enterprises who can install it on top of existing cloud or on-premise environments to simplify their management.  In all cases, it stands alone as the tool created specifically to manage cloud environments.

However – if you don’t have the time, resources or expertise necessary to manage your built-in-house WaaS solution, don’t worry. CloudJumper is also proud to offer…

Cloud Workspace® A Fully Managed Cloud Workspace Solution

Cloud Workspace® is the ultimate turnkey cloud service, incorporating years of development and industry expertise with cutting-edge features and user-friendly design.

Our team of veteran cloud professionals applies best practices for delivering an efficient cloud workspace for your end customers, handling the following key functions and considerations:

  • End to end infrastructure
  • Open Source and Remote Desktop Session licensing
  • Virtual Machine deployment
  • Active Directory
  • Anti-Virus
  • Backups
  • Application Management
  • Tier 2+ support

By leveraging this fully managed cloud workspace package, you only need to provide Tier 1 Helpdesk, local device support and cloud migration services (supported by our help and tools) to deliver a full office network (desktops, data and apps) to your end customers, simple as that.

How Does CloudJumper Simplify Cloud Workspace Migration?

However, while one of these solutions may sound perfect for you and your end customers, maybe you’re worried about transitioning. If you’re not already in the cloud, how long and how expensive will it be to start the migration now?

We’ve solved that for you too.

A key feature of our solutions is JumpStart, a fully automated customer migration application that has been designed from the ground up to transition new customers to the cloud by scanning your end customer’s IT environment, mirroring their landscape data, and provisioning new accounts. This is the ultimate tool for seamless customer cloud workspace onboarding – including the seeding of data and network mirroring – that completes the process in hours and not weeks. Additional features include:

  • Core-to-edge environmental scan of the new cloud wokspace customer IT environment to identify applications and quantify data requirements for the cloud-based workspace.
  • Employee-specific application and data set uploads to replicate the traditional desktop environment.
  • Ability to upload client computing content into the CloudJumper portal, allowing partners to optimize user nodes remotely.
  • Replication of security permissions from the physical IT environment to the cloud infrastructure to ensure data privacy, and compliance.
  • Thorough automation of all processes for seamless cloud workspace onboarding that requires only hours instead of days or weeks.

What if you’re still using Citrix?

Not to worry – just as our JumpStart service makes general migration a simple process, we’ve developed a solution specifically for Citrix migrations as well.

Our Cloud Resource App (CRA) makes it easier than ever to replace Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop with a Cloud Workspace® environment and to discontinue using Cloud Portal Services Manager, replacing it with our Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS).

You’re probably used to having to do this entire process manually, assigning a few of your engineers and technicians to spend up to a few work days setting up a new customer – those days are over. No matter the size or complexity of your cloud environment, CRA will handle the onboarding process for you, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience as you migrate from Citrix to CloudJumper.

Using our CRA, the migration to Cloud Workspace and CWMS is as simple as copying and pasting your company information – the whole process should take around an hour to complete, at most. CRA does all the heavy lifting for you: assessing your environment, Active Directory and more, then creating your CWMS account, and Cloud Workspaces for all your end users.

No matter what cloud platform you’re using now (or even if you’re not at all), CloudJumper is proud to have developed an unbeatable toolset to help you transition your end customers into a cloud workspace that meets their needs and yours. Whether you prefer to manage it firsthand with our software, or rely on our team to maintain it for you, we’re ready to work with you.

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