Service Affecting Issues. You Need to Know.

[March 6, 2017] | Update: the issue causing a handful of Customer to see login error prompts has been resolved and all Customers have confirmed the ability to log in and access services.

[March 6, 2017] | There are a handful of reports that Customers logging into VDC01 are seeing login error prompts in a subset of scenarios. CloudJumper is aware of the issue and we are actively investigating.

This is not affecting any Users currently logged in or Customer data in any way. This is not affecting provisioning actions. We will follow up with more information as we identify the source of the issue.

[September 15, 2016] | There are two issues affecting CloudJumper customers this morning.  While all CloudJumper systems are all up and functioning correctly, the issues defined below are causing known Customer and Partner problems. We felt it important to help keep our community up to date.

  • Microsoft Azure is currently experiencing known DNS issues which impacts our provisioning system. Click here for more information: This should not impact customers but does affect our partner systems.
  • The Microsoft Azure issue may also be affecting Office 365 users.
  • Level3 is experiencing internet backbone issues. This is causing intermittent problems connecting to Cloud Workspace®. Click here for more information:
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