The Higher
Their Expectations, The Higher We Jump.

Give Your Clients a Boost
With Value-Added Services.

Technological innovation is on the rise, and so are customer expectations. Your clients aren’t just looking to cut costs with cloud migration. They want reliability, collaboration and security. With CloudJumper, you can give more of what matters most. Our WaaS and app virtualization solutions will increase productivity and improve performance all around.

Smart Solutions Across the Cloud.

Cloud Workspace®

Take your clients’ workspace to the cloud with more access to hosted applications, multiple levels of security, ongoing support, and much more.

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App Virtualization

Virtualizing your software application saves your customers time and money. Cloud Jumper works with you to develop a hosted solutions for your application that is very lucrative and very much in demand by your customers.

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Add JumpDrive to your cloud offerings. When combined with Cloud Workspace®, your clients enjoy the convenience of easy, secure file sharing with complete control –– both online and offline.

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Our hosted version of QuickBooks can be integrated into Cloud Workspace®, providing clients with full desktop functionality, real-time access, automatic backups, and more.

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