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If you’re an independent software vendor, moving to the cloud shouldn’t take years or cost millions. We’ll virtualize your app and host it through nWorkSpace, and help you build a lucrative offering for your customers. At CloudJumper, we’ve been virtualizing applications for more than a decade, and we can take yours from on-premise to a multi-tenant environment.

App Virtualization Benefits
application virtualizationDevelop

Bring your app to the cloud in no time with our fully managed, turnkey solution built on Microsoft and other leading edge technologies.

subscription based hosted solutionGrow

Provide your software as a subscription-based, hosted solution.

App Virtualization BenefitsMarket

Choose from three flexible branding options, and gain from our deep experience helping other ISVs bring their product to market.

App Virtualization SupportDistribute

Get expert deployment support and gain access to new markets.

Host Your App Through nWorkSpace.

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