Go Beyond DaaS. Think WaaS.

Focus on What You Do Best. Leave the rest to WaaS.

Cloud Workspace® represents that next step in cloud computing—beyond just the desktop. Our Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution makes your IT hassle free IT, and gives you anywhere access to your desktop, with more control, and multiple levels of security. With your IT taken care of, you can get back to business.

Cloud Workspace® Key Features
2012.8 Desktop

Windows 2012 server with Windows 8.1 user experience.

60 File

60 GB of personal and shared storage… and only 150 Kb of data speed needed per end user.

2200+ Hosted

Choose from 2200+ hosted applications, plugins and utilities.

365 MS Office

Supports cloud-ready versions of Microsoft Office 365

12X Backups

7 daily and 5 weekly snapshots retained, custom configurations available

Cloud Workspace® Benefits

IT Simplified

The costs of setting up and managing servers, equipment and staff add up quickly when you do it on your own. Cloud Workspace® takes care of it all, freeing up you and your IT staff to work on strategic development.

Work Anywhere

Cloud Workspace® is your workspace in the cloud, accessible from all your devices. Once in your workspace, work as you always have, connecting to your desktop, applications, email and data. Add JumpDrive to make sharing files with coworkers and clients easy.

BYOD Support

As more companies adopt a Bring Your Own Device practice, permitting employees to use their personal devices, the cloud becomes an essential tool for growth. Without the cloud, you put your company data at risk every time an employee leaves the company. With Cloud Workspace®, you enjoy cost-savings and the productivity gains from your staff having anytime access to their desktops.

Business Continuity

When a disaster hits, if your company isn’t prepared, there is a high likelihood that it will go out of business. Cloud Workspace® supports your disaster recovery plans by keeping your entire computing infrastructure safe in our tier IV data centers, and readily available to all of your employees from any computer anywhere.

Security with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Data backup, spam filtering, virus protection, data theft protection and disaster recovery plan support are just a few of the many ways we keep you safe and secure. All of your applications are stored and backed up in our data centers that are SSAE-16 Type II, TIA 942 Class 4, PCI DSS, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley certified.

WaaS vs DaaS?

You've likely been offered Desktop as a Service (DaaS) by other cloud providers. It's what we like to call "the empty box." DaaS providers tell you you're getting the best cloud solution, but in the end, it'll just be more work for your MSP. DaaS is an empty shell platform. For it to work, you have to complete it with all the features the end customer needs.




Also known as the empty Box gives you:

  • No Support
  • NO Environment Management
  • NO Active Directory
  • NO Anti-Virus
  • NO Data Backup
  • NO App Management



Workspace as a Service (WaaS) is the Total Cloud Package.

WaaS comes with everything your MSP needs to provide your End Customers an effective, accessible and safe IT environment. WaaS, your complete office in a box, including:

  • Tier +2 Support
  • The Desktop
  • Environment Management
  • Active Directory
  • Anti-Virus
  • Data Backup
  • Management for 2200+ apps

Business Happens in the Apps.

The apps you need, added to your Cloud Workspace®. Choose from more 2200 apps in any line of business. Options range from industry favorites to specialized solutions developed by our ISV partners.

Office 365
The same Office you know, all in the cloud. As a Microsoft Shared Computer Activation Partner (SCAP), we support Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud Workspace® environment.

The full desktop version in our secure cloud environment. Get automated backups and password-protected connections, as well as simultaneous access to files.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting
An accounting package for non-profits that reports key information. Bring your own license from Abila and we’ll provide the hosting, management and deployment.

Bringing WaaS to Big Business with our Concurrent Model

DaaS services are based on a named user model – end users have access to both the company environment and their own data, applications, etc. tied together.

Our proprietary concurrent user model splits the user access to the overall environment from their specific instance.  End users still get their own email, storage, applications access, backup and more, but the available logins become part of a floating pool, limited by number instead of by name. This allows a tremendous cost savings to larger companies running multiple shifts or operating in multiple time zones. A company with 400 users may elect to have 100 concurrent logins available, generating a substantial savings for the organization.

What Does this Mean for You, the MSP?

  • You have a more robust solution that you can sell at a lower price while still making a great margin.
  • It opens the door to larger account: the economies of scale now works better for them.
  • Unparalleled flexibility when it comes to providing a powerful, user-friendly platform like Cloud Workspace®.
  • Client usage reports let’s you know if a customer hits its user-cap so you can increase seat counts.
  • Improved administrative efficiencies for you.

Elevate the Possibilities With Cloud Workspace®.

Cloud Workspace® is an easy-to-market, turnkey WaaS solution with the added benefits of disruptive pricing and great margins. Our team of industry thought leaders will help you build your business in the cloud.

Market our cloud services under your brand and have full control of everything from pricing to user-level access. You’ll have the power to create the product offering, set the price point, and manage customer care and billing. And, we’ll be there to support every step of the way.

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