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Success! CloudJumper WaaS Solution Nets More Sales This Month Than Ever Before 


We’re closing our most successful WaaS sales month EVER! 

Further proof that the future of the MSP and its end customers are moving their entire business environment to the cloud. Will you? 

Call it a “17-year-overnight success”; I like to, sometimes. The fact is that the CloudJumper team has believed in the advantages offered by Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solutions since the start of the industry 17 years ago – but it’s just over the past year that the MSP community and their clients have really started to agree with us.

I’m proud to share that, as a part of an ongoing upward trend in sales, CloudJumper is now finishing its most successful month of sales ever, and everyone here is encouraged to know that we’ve had the right idea from the start:

  • WaaS succeeds where VDI, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and cloud-server hosting fail
  • Cloud Workspace® is the industry-leading WaaS solution, thanks to robust app support, unparalleled capabilities, and CloudJumper’s network of MSP, ISV and Agent partners
  • Cloud first strategies are the best way to win and keep clients

That said, I know this didn’t happen in a vacuum – while our sales have been increasing, it’s worth noting that this month is so high in particular due to the natural disasters that hit the US in September. In some cases, these events delayed the closing of deals that we had been working on with new clients. However, in other cases, these events prompted business owners to seek a higher level of reliability, security, and quality in their IT cloud services – that brought them to us. Furthermore, keep in mind that this is just our biggest month in an ongoing upward trend of sales that began some time ago.

That can’t be the only reason, though – more and more businesses have been choosing WaaS over any other alternative recently, and it can’t just be because of bad weather, right? I’d have to agree.

17 Years of history, building BEYOND Desktop as a Service

To start, there’s the simple fact that the CloudJumper team is made up of pioneers when it comes to cloud workspaces, and the cloud computing industry as a whole – we’ve been working on this — and steadily perfecting it — for as long as anyone else in the business. We have 17 years of history behind us, all that time developing our WaaS solution, Cloud Workspace®, and testing it with the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Intuit. This means that our many partners in cloud technology don’t just benefit from our WaaS solution; they get the industry-leading expertise and experience that comes with it as well.

Even better, this makes us a trusted standard when it comes to providing a cloud workspace solution. When big names like MS, VMWare and NetApp needed to determine how their products would perform in the cloud, they came to us, because we had been around long enough to offer a realistic and effective proving ground for their latest innovations. This is all just a part of being on the cutting-edge of the cloud, as compared to hopping on the bandwagon years after the fact.

Together, our experience gained in building our solution and working with industry leaders has allowed us to develop the single most robust, stable, best-priced solution available on the market. That’s right, don’t forget about the price – whereas latecomers are often unable to properly judge what the expenses will be for their new cloud service, we’ve been around long enough to determine the perfect price to keep us successful, offer unbeatable margins to our MSP partners, and still deliver an affordable price for end users.

Furthermore, we’re always working to make our product even better for our partners and end users, as we did with the recent development of our partner portal in order to better support our channel and how they market Cloud Workspace®. In August, we were proud to roll out our Customer Management Module, which allows partners to comprehensively manage the customer life-cycle from one simple portal (an industry first).

A key feature of the Customer Management Module is JumpStart, a fully automated customer migration application that has been designed from the ground up to transition new customers to our WaaS solution by scanning the customer’s IT environment, mirroring their landscape data, and provisioning a new WaaS account. This is the ultimate tool for seamless customer cloud workspace onboarding – including the seeding of data and network mirroring – that completes the process in days instead of weeks.

All in all, this growth has been overwhelming – but not unforeseeable. That’s the best part of it for me: seeing CloudJumper’s hard work come to fruition. We’re proud to act as an industry leader and trusted advisor to all our partners – those that have been with us for years, and those we’re just getting to know now.

The world is starting to really catch on to what WaaS can offer – have you? Learn first-hand what out WaaS solution can offer your MSP and its customers by getting in touch with the CloudJumper team right away. Contact us at or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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