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Get Your Business in the Cloud, How It Fits You…

Fri, Nov 2,18   By Janet Cinelli

According to IDC: cloud spending is expected to grow better than 6X the rate of IT spending through 2020. It’s time to get into the cloud, just like our growing partner network. If you are still on the sideline, keep reading as to why our partners are so loyal to CloudJumper…

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Have The Cloud Conversation with Your End Customers…TODAY

Fri, Oct 26,18   By Janet Cinelli

It’s Time to Come to the Cloud, we know it, Microsoft knows it, the average 6th grader knows it…and you know it too! Of course, the statistics back up this statement! Check out our blog from last week covering a recent report on cloud computing by IDG! …

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Meteoric Rise of Bitcoin is Past, but You Can Still Make Money

Thu, Dec 7,17   By Max Pruger

And, now you have a similar opportunity with the cloud Anyone who has made money so far on Bitcoin was either an innovator, a true visionary or one who kept watching and timed their entry well. If you fall into the other camp, there is still time to make money, but you won’t if you …

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Finding A Cloud Service Provider That Can Do It All

Thu, Nov 30,17   By JD Helms

Many businesses have chosen to work with up to three separate cloud service providers in order to ensure all their needs are met. You don’t need three partners – you just need CloudJumper. There is no end of options when it comes to finding the right cloud service provider for your business – and apparently, …

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Cloud-First Is Necessary, But Not Necessarily Easy

Thu, Sep 21,17   By CloudJumper

Developing a cloud workspace solution is more easily said than done – but without one, how will your clients launch their cloud-first strategies? Recently, we’ve talked a lot about how necessary a cloud-first strategy is. We’ve shown you why a cloud-first strategy is so important, we’ve shown how it’s the next step in the evolution …

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Finding The Right Cloud Workspace Partner In A Cloud-First World

Thu, Sep 14,17   By JD Helms

In an industry that’s continually shifting more and more toward the cloud, it’s more important than ever for you to find a cloud workspace partner to help your MSP equip new and old customers alike with an unbeatable solution. We’ve talked about how both the business and consumer world are moving steadily toward a cloud-centric …

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