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Coming Soon! CloudJumper Cloud Workspace® Management Suite V5.3

Thu, Jul 11,19   By Frank Anderson

Right around the corner, we will mark the general availability of Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) version 5.3. New support for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Public Preview headlines our updated solution. CWMS V5.3 automates the deployments of WVD and simplifies ongoing administration, reducing the time-to-value for WVD customers and driving consumption of Azure services … Continue reading “Coming Soon! CloudJumper Cloud Workspace® Management Suite V5.3”

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VMBlog: CloudJumper Interview with David Marshall, VMBlog at IGEL

Thu, May 9,19   By Janet Cinelli

VMblog spoke with CloudJumper while at the IGEL Technology DISRUPTEUC 2019 event taking place in Silicon Valley. Watch and listen as the company talks about their product solutions as well as how they are working with IGEL as a partner. Read More CloudJumper is a software and services company in the Cloud Workspace and RDS … Continue reading “VMBlog: CloudJumper Interview with David Marshall, VMBlog at IGEL”

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We Were Born in the Cloud, and You are More Secure Because of it

Fri, Apr 12,19   By Doug Petrole

We use APIs as a modern design principle to connect our customers to our Cloud Workspace Management Suite SaaS application (CWMS). CloudJumper was born in the cloud, and that continues give us the luxury of building all of our systems to meet cloud specifications, vs having to retrofit code we created for an on-prem solution to – we hope – support a cloud solution.

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