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What’s New in CloudJumper CWMS V5.3

Mon, Aug 5,19   By Frank Anderson

CloudJumper has released Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) version 5.3! With this new release, CWMS 5.3 enhances key platform features, including Self-Service Password Reset, granular support for segmenting Azure Virtual Networks, and new updates to Wake-On-Demand. Many new items have been introduced, such as WVD support and the ability to automatically deploy and manage virtual … Continue reading “What’s New in CloudJumper CWMS V5.3”

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Coming Soon! CloudJumper Cloud Workspace® Management Suite V5.3

Thu, Jul 11,19   By Frank Anderson

Right around the corner, we will mark the general availability of Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) version 5.3. New support for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Public Preview headlines our updated solution. CWMS V5.3 automates the deployments of WVD and simplifies ongoing administration, reducing the time-to-value for WVD customers and driving consumption of Azure services … Continue reading “Coming Soon! CloudJumper Cloud Workspace® Management Suite V5.3”

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