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They’re Our Valentine! We LOVE Our Sales Team

Fri, Feb 15,19   By JD Helms

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating relationships – but this holiday is about more than just romance. It’s a chance to show love and appreciation to everyone who matters in your life – family and friends, co-workers and partners, and maybe most especially the team who works with you!

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We’ve Been Embracing Columbus’ Spirit for Decades

Thu, Oct 11,18   By Janet Cinelli

As Director of Marketing, I have been with our company since February of 2007, and I have been using our solution in one form or another since the collective company’s founding in 2000. That’s right, for more than 18 years, I have been logging into my desktop …

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The Top 4 Ways WaaS Sets You Free (Questions/Benefits/Answers)

Tue, Jul 3,18   By Janet Cinelli

How Will WaaS Set You Free? Independence Day is all about freedom – but just what does WaaS give you freedom from? Check out the top 5 freedoms WaaS offers below. The fourth of July is the perfect opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the many freedoms you enjoy today, thanks to the …

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Why We Blog

At CloudJumper, we are a team of thought-leaders, always seeking to answer, what if? That’s how we came to build the industry’s most robust and easiest VDI/WVD orchestration & management tool.

We seek to bring that same energy to our blog. Weekly, team members from across our company come here to share their thoughts, opinions, and observations about what makes the cloud go. Want to add your own opinion?

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