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CloudJumper Joins Microsoft DCO Program as an Affiliated Service Provider

Thu, Mar 14,19   By Max Pruger

Last fall, Microsoft named CloudJumper a “leading partner” in the deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop. We are once again expanding our partnership with Microsoft by being included in its DCO program.  In both cases, these are wins for our partner network. • We will be among the first companies ready to allow our partners to … Continue reading “CloudJumper Joins Microsoft DCO Program as an Affiliated Service Provider”

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End Customer Benefits Abound!

Thu, Jan 24,19   By Janet Cinelli

In our CloudJumper blog, we devote a lot of time talking about how we benefit our partners: our great solution for building your MSP business; and our long-term experience in the industry and that we fully share our knowledge to your benefit; not to mention the great opportunity to help you help your End Customers feel totally secure, in case anything ever goes wrong.

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About Us

CloudJumper is an automation, orchestration and workflow solution used to deploy and manage VDI and RDS workspaces. Consider us the industry's best alternative to the big guys. We are cloud-agnostic, supporting Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS and regional cloud providers -- with a 15 year history of success in hybrid solutions like VMware and Hyper-V.