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Choosing The Most Secure Cloud Solution For Your End Customers (Questions/Answers)

Thu, Jun 28,18   By Max Pruger

As popular as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) cloud platforms are in the small-medium sized business market, they aren’t the best option available for their size and needs. What’s The Most Secure Cloud Solution For Your Customers? Given how popular the cloud has become in the business world today, it …

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Atlanta Held Hostage By Ransomware – Do You Have The Same Vulnerability?

Thu, Apr 19,18   By JD Helms

A ransomware attack has left Atlanta officials with no choice but to shut down their municipal courts while they determine the best course of action. If they had CloudJumper on their side, this never would have happened. In late March, the city of Atlanta’s IT systems were hit by a ransomware attack that is …

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CloudJumper Keeps End Users Safe From Meltdown and Spectre

Thu, Jan 11,18   By JD Helms

Don’t worry – thanks to our many layers of protection and security best practices, the Meltdown and Spectre flaws won’t put CloudJumper partners’ end customers at risk. Often these days, poor IT security comes down to something like human error, and lack of awareness on the user’s part. It’s less often that there’s a widespread …

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Boost Your Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Thu, Aug 17,17   By JD Helms

nce just a gimmick in high-tech spy movies, fingerprint scanning technology is now a common feature of smartphone security. Most modern smartphones give users the option to use their fingerprint as a method to unlock their phone, a considerably more convenient option than memorizing passcodes or swipe patterns. However, as is usually the case with …

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