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When Sticky Is Good

Thu, Feb 21,19   By Janet Cinelli

Isn’t it a funny word? When you think about the word, “sticky” it brings up images of both gum on your shoe and the Carmel that I baked into my brownies last night. Of course, if it were July and not February, it might make you think of hot, damp or muggy weather. Of course, … Continue reading “When Sticky Is Good”

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Cloud Workspace® – The Secret To Sticky Customers

Thu, Apr 12,18   By Max Pruger

No matter how big or small, every MSP is trying to build loyalty with their customers – allow us to help. As important as it is for your business to get new customers on a regular basis, it’s even more important to ensure they stay your customers. It’s not uncommon for a customer to shop …

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Give Your End Customers What They Really Want – Give Them Cloud Workspace®

Thu, Apr 5,18   By Max Pruger

Cloud Workspace® has so much to offer your End Customers – do they know what they’re missing out on? Editor’s Note: As we continue to watch CloudJumper’s sales and its installed base surpass monthly records, almost every month, we know we get why MSPs should be moving their business into the cloud, and why their …

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