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What’s New in CloudJumper CWMS V5.3

Mon, Aug 5,19   By Frank Anderson

CloudJumper has released Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) version 5.3! With this new release, CWMS 5.3 enhances key platform features, including Self-Service Password Reset, granular support for segmenting Azure Virtual Networks, and new updates to Wake-On-Demand. Many new items have been introduced, such as WVD support and the ability to automatically deploy and manage virtual … Continue reading “What’s New in CloudJumper CWMS V5.3”

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Is This The Year of VDI?

Thu, May 23,19   By Max Pruger

Across the world, IT pros have been researching, analyzing and reviewing VDI for more than 20 years! We know the success that we have had in this market, but also know that to date, it is nowhere near maturity. Like so many others, we again are asking ourselves, Is it the year of VDI? Or … Continue reading “Is This The Year of VDI?”

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CloudJumper is an automation, orchestration and workflow solution used to deploy and manage VDI and RDS workspaces. Consider us the industry's best alternative to the big guys. We are cloud-agnostic, supporting Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS and regional cloud providers -- with a 15 year history of success in hybrid solutions like VMware and Hyper-V.