What’s In It For Your Clients?

Fri, Jul 7,17   By Max Pruger

Happy Fourth of July! The CloudJumper team hopes you had a good long weekend, or at least the day off on Tuesday to celebrate our nation. Time off is a great opportunity for your clients to relax and recharge, as well as take stock of where their company is, and gain a new perspective on …

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The Verdict is In: Your Law Firm Clients Need the Cloud

Fri, Jun 9,17   By Max Pruger

Running a law firm can be challenging; there’s so much data to keep and store and manage. All those documents they bury their adversaries in have to be stored somewhere! They have to be produced using Word, and there is a good chance they manage billing and time-tracking online too! Workspace as a Service simply …

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Save Cash With The Cloud

Thu, Apr 20,17   By Max Pruger

Editor’s Note: this blog is part of a series that highlights specific messaging for different company types. This week, we address the start-up and how the cloud can positively affect their success out of the gates. As an MSP or other CloudJumper marketing partner, this series can help you develop your own cloud messaging or branding…

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