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Why Is CloudJumper Thankful This Holiday Season? YOU!


At CloudJumper, we have a lot to be thankful for every single day. But it seems important, on this last Thanksgiving of the decade, to slow down for a moment and express gratitude for what matters most to us. In addition to the many daily reasons to be thankful, the following 5 reasons top our list for 2019:

Our MSP Partners
The first one is the easiest one. We’re thankful for you! From day one, we built our company for your success – we want to enable our customers to reach their cloud goals. Your success is our success – we remember every story, and we never lose sight of the fact that each one contributes to our growth.

We see ourselves as more than your vendor; we’re your partners and trusted advisors. We believe that our solutions and thought leadership will help your business prosper – whether that means helping you shoulder the (increasing) burden of keeping your clients secure, helping you prepare your clients for emerging tech or even helping you rethink your business structure entirely.

Regardless of your business size or use case, your needs or future goals, we’re only here because you’re here. We don’t forget that.

Our Strategic Partners
This year, we’ve been able to announce some amazing partnerships aimed at better serving our MSP partners and customers.

We’re so excited for what these partnerships will bring to CloudJumper and to our customers in the new year. One of our predictions for the future of virtual desktops is simple – integration. More applications and tech working together, and to that end, we’ll continue to join forces with the best that’s out there.


Our Team
We often say “we’re more than the suite of products we sell.” But perhaps another way to think of it is that our team is our best-selling product. CloudJumper is made up of a core group of cloud computing pioneers who’ve worked together for over a decade. And we’ve added some fresh faces as well – the CloudJumper family grew significantly this year. We added five executives, a sales manager and an operations director. Together, we have experience from tech giants like Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, IBM, AT&T and others. We come from MSPs – CMIT, TeamLogic IT and even our own start-ups. Collectively, we have been working in, on, around and through the cloud since before the term existed, really.


Every aspect of our business is staffed by folks who have unbelievable skill sets and mastery over their respective tech domains. We’re thought leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs) – we blog, give talks and presentations and advance the discourse and innovation in the cloud computing industry. And we’re proud of that.

But we’ll never be too proud to stop learning or stop asking questions. Our curiosity means that we’ll always on the cutting-edge of the cloud industry.


Microsoft + WVD
We’re so grateful to be one of Microsoft’s preferred solutions. Obviously, we deeply value the relationship we have with them! It’s an amazing time to be part of the Microsoft ecosystem.


Microsoft has put its full weight behind cloud computing with Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). There are some big reasons to be excited about WVD, like unprecedented accessibility and mobility (any device! anywhere!), lower IT costs (no expensive infrastructure to manage!) and unparalleled security and compliance features ( Azure!).

Read about what WVD is, and what it means for you as a user or IT pro here and here.


The Success of CWMS
We are so grateful to be able to bring this product to you! Given IT World’s top honor, Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS) is our SaaS solution for managing WVD on Azure.

[See a demo of CWMS]

CWMS 5.3 is the only software you need to manage WVD and VDI deployments. It allows you to easily provision and manage your own Cloud Workspace solution, using the infrastructure, hypervisor and other tech investments you’ve already made. Our solution is:

      • Hybrid Cloud | Cloud Workspace Management Suite supports your cloud deployments no matter whether they are on-prem, in a public cloud and a hybrid between.
      • Super-Simple | Our automation wizard makes deploying Cloud Workspaces in Azure fast and simple. The sleek, intuitive app is so easy to use, your frontline staff can manage all of your WVD deployments through one application.
      • Fully Compatible | CWMS supports all the layers in your stack, giving you a single portal to manage them.
      • Money-Saving | Our customizable resource scheduling and clear pricing structure optimizes infrastructure spend.
      • Always On… Even When It’s Not | Our patented “hibernate and wake” technology provides access, even during unscheduled times.
      • GPU Capable | CWMS can deliver high performance GPU machines at an affordable cost.

If you’re not as thankful for your cloud workspace solution as our customers are for CWMS, it’s time to reevaluate.

Whether you plan to spend your day around a table with family and friends or have escaped for some much-needed time off, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and we hope that you are also filled with gratitude. CloudJumper will be here to make 2020 an amazing year for you, just as you made 2019 an amazing year for us. For that, we are truly thankful.

Interested in learning more about the things we’re grateful for?

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