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The Economies of Scale: The Resources Needed to Keep Us Secure Are in the Cloud


Editor’s Note: This is the first of a 7-part series highlighting how the cloud provides the highest level and most effective security for your EUC environment.

By now many people are familiar with the concept of applications and data being delivered from public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. The basic concept is straightforward: the applications are installed on computers hosted in data centers owned by these companies and accessed by end users via Internet connections.

Some of the advantages of this arrangement are also well known. The customer doesn’t need to buy or maintain servers and associated hardware, and associated processes such as backups and system upgrades don’t require special trips by IT professionals. But the benefits of cloud platforms are much deeper than that. By aggregating many users and applications, cloud platforms can take advantage of many economies of scale, including:

Scalable, Large Volume Components | Elements such as network routers, storage arrays and the computer virtualization layers typically are more efficient, from a provisioning, cost and management perspective, when they are deployed in large quantities. Features such as redundancy and scalable load balancing work better when you can aggregate many tasks and resource demands in the same place. By contrast, on-premises solutions can’t offer enterprise-grade performance at a competitive price, and requirements such as redundancy and scaling tend to be capped for these solutions by either functional or price limits.

The Staff | Cloud platform vendors have the resources to hire specialized staff for each respective area that needs to be managed. Expertise in areas such as security, data/storage management, application delivery, scaling and networking can be applied to the entire platform. Not only are these teams large enough to support the entire customer base, these teams also continuously work on innovation and education in their respective disciplines. By comparison, a “jack of all trades” IT professional needs to handle a wide variety of IT challenges but rarely are they able to go into any one area in great depth.

So Many Users & The Ability to Support Them | Unlike an on-prem solution that may support 100 to 200 employees, cloud platform vendors support 10’s of thousands! That gives them the ability to analyze usage data and apply improvements to a very large user community. Defeating malware attacks is an obvious example of this aggregated learning – once the platform detects and defeats an attack, that configuration change can be applied to all the other traffic. Performance is another big area where aggregation comes into play – once a slowness issue is identified and resolved for one customer or service, that same fix can be applied to similar instances.

“Pay Per Use” Drives Efficient Pricing | With cloud platforms, customers can select individual services (ex: SQL Database, web application service) they need for their specific applications, and only pays for the quantity of the service consumption need. Then, as their usage grows, their costs grow at an equated rate, allowing the company to directly tie infrastructure costs to projects, EUC environments, etc. By contrast, building your own solution on premise requires it be sized to handle reasonably growth, which translates to pay up front instead of pay per use.

The list of economies of scale for cloud platform continues to grow. The expertise and innovation noted above allows these platforms to evolve to meet new customer requirements. These changes all tend to benefit the end customer – whether with lower prices or improved functionality.

If you’re concerned about your company’s data or the potential to get a virus or malware infiltration of EUC environment, you need to consider how the cloud will keep your company safer than any on-prem solution you can deploy. Want to learn more? Check out our white paper and infographic, called, “7 Habits of Highly Effective EUC Security…in the Cloud.” Or contact us directly! or (844) 645-6789  and follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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