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They’re Our Valentine! We LOVE Our Sales Team


Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating relationships – but this holiday is about more than just romance. It’s a chance to show love and appreciation to everyone who matters in your life – family and friends, co-workers and partners, and maybe most especially the team who works with you!

Quite simply our team is amazing. At CloudJumper, our staff longevity is like nothing I have ever experienced. CloudJumper is more than a place to work, for many of us, it has been a career-changing opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology in the cloud. We have team members who have been working together since the earliest days of our company; and we’ve been around for almost 20 years … many of us were working “in the cloud” BEFORE the cloud even had a name. This Valentine’s Day, I want to send some love to our sales team.

Almost 4 years ago, I hired Max Pruger as our chief revenue officer; he’s a cloud industry veteran from Kaseya. Max, who was recently recognized by CRN as a “channel chief,” is not your typical sales person. He’s a nerd’s nerd who loves technology. Meet him, and your first thought won’t be sales person – COO, maybe – but not sales person. This is what makes Max so amazing, however. He understands sales and more importantly sales management, because he is driven for success. His focus is to be a servant-leader, always taking obstacles out of the way for his team. I’ve never known anyone more responsive and focused on getting the job done.

Once I hired Max, the sales team quickly began to take shape. Max has been in technology sales for a long time, and he knows a lot of people; more importantly, he is a great judge of a successful sales person. I am very proud to say, that he has hired some of the best. Today, our team is concise and tight-knit, and they operate as a team, as much as they do as a group of individuals. Additionally, they are also embracing the CloudJumper longevity. Of course, not everyone Max hired has worked out, but his core team is solid, experienced and growing right along with CloudJumper.

And the results prove it.

In each of the last three years, we have doubled our monthly recurring revenues. That’s 100% growth for three years in a row. Yes, we are in an industry that is growing, but I can assure you, growth such as that, no matter the industry, doesn’t just happen. It takes the sales team members each working 60, 70, 80 hours weeks, week-in and week-out. It takes working smart, and knowing how to turn problems into challenges and then into success. It takes understanding, of your product, the company, the market and your partner network. Of course, it takes being a passionate advocate for every partner and every one of their End Customers.

That’s the esprit de corps we have worked to build at CloudJumper. No one gets off easy, but we try so hard to make sure that everyone is challenged, engaged, supported and given the tools they need to be successful.

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