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Time Moves Forward | Still the Core-4 Remains


CloudJumper has changed a lot in the last few years. Once, our service offering consisted of just our fully managed, WaaS solution, Cloud Workspace®. Today, we also support those MSPs who want to provide their own solution with our RDP/VDI/DaaS/WaaS environment management solution, Cloud Workspace Management Suite.

Our relationship with Microsoft continues to deepen, as it always has over the years. Last fall, they named us a “leading partner” for their soon-to-be-released solution, Windows Virtual Desktop. WVD is going to revolutionize the cloud, and we are excited that we will be there with Microsoft bringing it to our partner network.

Since our founding, we have help 10’s of thousands of End Customers across the globe simplify their IT, making it far more secure in the process. We’ve grown, we’ve advanced, created and develop, yet …

… the message remains the same.

So often, we are asked, “What’s the best vertical for your solutions?” “What industries do you typically target?” “What type of companies can WaaS help?” WaaS has practical applications across every vertical and just about every size business. This gives our partners the flexibility to develop their solution and messaging for the verticals they are already targeting, or to focus their marketing and sales for more broadly.

Still, it’s the Core-4: the four prospect characteristics that so easily translate into a sale. You will find them in businesses across every industry, every vertical, every part of the world. Understand them, recognize them, and the sale is yours! It’s just a natural fit.

The Core-4 Or What Makes An Ideal WaaS Customer?  When evaluating a prospective WaaS customer, look for the Core-4, which will help you zero in on the ideal cloud workspace customer. If the prospect answers “yes” to two of these four questions (or even just #1), then you have a winner:

#1. Will you require a server refresh or other large IT project within the next 18 months?
Especially this year as Microsoft will sunset Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 next January, so many companies are going to have to decide: expensive fork-lift upgrade, or easy and inexpensive transition into the cloud…hello WaaS!

#2. Do you have employees who work remotely? Or does your business have multiple locations?
This is happening more and more, and both the accessibility features and the central control of WaaS are very appealing to companies with staff spread across a lot of geography.

#3. Do you have extensive security needs?
Think about a small bank, finance company or insurance agent, etc. These are small companies, but they store and share sensitive client information. Security is paramount for them. At CloudJumper, we work incredibly hard to ensure our solutions are inherently secure. Additionally, we have a number of optional security add-ons that help your End Customers who need even more.

#4. Is your company’s IT function larger than your IT team can support?
This can come out in a number of ways. Of course, they may have big security needs. Maybe, they have numerous software apps to manage and maintain. They might have tight IT requirements for maintaining certifications or franchise agreements. Maybe they have a mix of OS and devices that all need to connect. The list here is endless, and no doubt your prospects will share processes or programs they simply would love to off-load to the cloud.

Especially if you are just starting to build your cloud business, start with the Core-4. Soon, you’ll find yourself supporting your End Customers in ways no on-prem server farm can handle.

By understanding the ideal WaaS prospect, you will more easily grow your business in the cloud, and boost your sales, profits and the stickiness of your customer base.

Want to learn more about building your business in the cloud? Get in touch with the CloudJumper team today at or 844.645.6789 to get started. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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