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The Top 4 Ways WaaS Sets You Free (Questions/Benefits/Answers)


How Will WaaS Set You Free?

Independence Day is all about freedom – but just what does WaaS give you freedom from? Check out the top 5 freedoms WaaS offers below.

The fourth of July is the perfect opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the many freedoms you enjoy today, thanks to the sacrifice made by countless ancestors that helped to make the United States truly independent.

In light of this special occasion, we’re considering something else that helps to free us – Workspace as a Service (WaaS) cloud platforms. In particular, there are four main ways that WaaS sets you – and your end customers — free:

  1. Freedom to work whenever and wherever.

Your clients’ work shouldn’t keep them stuck at their desk. Whether they want to be out shopping for the most bombastic fireworks available or perform a comprehensive price comparison of the backyard grills available in their local area, they shouldn’t be stopped from doing so because they have to work extra hours in the office.

Regardless of whether your clients are working late at the office, at home, or on the road, a Workspace as a Service cloud solution will give them simple and secure access to all their work files.

  1. Freedom from threats.

No longer are the redcoats a threat to the safety of Americans – today, it’s cybercriminals. Minutemen aren’t much of a defense against malware, but the security offered as a part of leading WaaS solutions certainly is.

This is just one of the many benefits that WaaS platforms offer MSPs like you. You and your end customers never have to worry about whether a patch has been applied to a major vulnerability anymore. You get real peace of mind, even in the face of malware, ransomware, and other threats.

Think of it this way: despite what many people assume, hardware only accounts for around 20% of IT support. The other 80% is entirely maintenance: patching and updating software, supporting hardware and infrastructure, etc. By using a WaaS solution, you outsource all of that to a team of engineers, who work around the clock to keep everything maintained, operational and secure.

  1. Freedom from stress.

However your end customers plan to spend their time celebrating the fourth of July, they can do so in peace! The right WaaS solution includes monitoring your customers’ environments around the clock, ensuring it’s performing properly and ready for when users need it. That means when your end customers leave work, they can forget about work until they have to go back (or, at least, access it easily from the comfort of their home).

  1. Freedom from downtime and lengthy transitions.

New advancements have made transitioning to a WaaS environment even faster than ever. Even if your end customers only decide to make the switch the day before their long weekend, that’s still plenty of time to get their environment up and running before they leave – but only with the right provider.

For example, CloudJumper’s JumpStart solution has been designed from the ground up to transition new customers to a WaaS environment, by scanning their technology, mirroring their landscape data, and provisioning new WaaS accounts, simple as that.

You’re probably used to having to do this entire process manually, assigning a few of your engineers and technicians to spend up to a few weeks setting up a new customer – those days are over.

This kind of solution allows you to remotely onboard new customers in areas your team couldn’t reach before due to restrictions on time or expenses. The speed of transition offered by modern WaaS solutions allows for easier scaling, rapid expansion, and more.

  1. Freedom to choose.

You may be worried about what a new WaaS environment will mean for those of your end customers who are stuck in their ways, stubbornly insisting on using the apps that they know and love. With WaaS, they don’t have to choose!

The right WaaS provider can offer support for a range of 2500+ applications. After all, unless your customers can use the WaaS solution to get their daily work done with the necessary apps, it’s not really much of a solution, is it?

If you and your end customers aren’t totally free to work how you want when you want, and where you want, then you’re not really free, are you? WaaS will set you free – what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re ready to make the change or not, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe fourth of July! We hope you have a fun relaxing long weekend with family and friends.

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