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We continue to improve your solutions, and we are excited to share that we are upgrading your virtual desktop solution. After a migration, it will be powered by our newer, more robust cloud desktop solution, Cloud Workspace®.

Cloud Workspace® Benefits

  • All of the same benefits as your current solution – Cloud Workspace® is a fully managed, supported hosting solution
    complete with AV, monitoring, backup, disaster recovery and more!
  • Enhanced, smoother performance
  • Updated operating system
  • Enable the option to log in via either RDP or a web browser (example: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Cloud Workspace® solution?
    Cloud Workspace® is a next-generation virtual desktop that allows access to applications and data from any device, complete with Anti-Virus, monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, etc.
  2. Is there a Cost?
    In the vast majority of cases, CloudJumper handles all costs associated with migrating your data. The cost for virtual desktop services may change and will be addressed as part of your migration.
  3. Will it impact my live data?
    Effectively, no – the final data cut is done at night or on the weekend when users are not logged in and working.
  4. Will there be any downtime?
    There will be no downtime as the final data cut is done at night or on the weekend.
  5. What is our role in all of this?
    It’s small. Your involvement is basically limited to distributing updated login information (updated access methods, new username and password) and light testing. CloudJumper will remind you of the date you are migrating so that you can remind users to login with their updated information.
  6. What is involved in the migration?
    CloudJumper will recreate your existing environment and migrate your data for you – all you have to do is some light testing of your applications and communicate exactly when you want your cut-over date to be.
  7. Does our IT person need to be available during upgrade in case of issues?
    This is optional, but not required. Your IT person can be useful for distributing basic info for updated access methods and new usernames/passwords, but you do NOT need to have an IT staff member for this process or to be technical to forward the updated information to your users.
  8. Will the new platform be “self-explanatory” or will we need training to use it?
    Cloud Workspace® is very similar to the virtual desktop services you’re using today. The only difference users will need to understand is the updated access methods available to them. However, CloudJumper’s Migration Team offers a basic training call for organizations prior to cutover if desired. These group conversations typically take 10 – 20 minutes – the new platform really is that similar.
  9. What is the impact of the new platform on our network?
    There is no impact to your network.
  10. Will my printing still work?
    Yes – CloudJumper solutions are always designed with printing in mind. If you can print from the device you have connected to your Cloud Workspace®, you won’t experience any issues.
  11. When will this happen?
    You will be notified before this takes place. Your Migration Specialist will work with you to identify the right date to cut over and begin using the Cloud Workspace® solution.
  12. What if I need help?
    As always, all users will have access to CloudJumper’s Customer Engineering team should they desire assistance before or after migration.

Call us today at 1.844.645.6789, ext. 1. for more information on the Cloud Workspace® and to schedule your migration!

Desktop Migration Timeline

Day 1
  • CloudJumper prepares an inventory of your data, applications and activation codes/serial numbers and a list of your Users
  • CloudJumper creates the new environment and the first User
Day 2 – Day 3
  • CloudJumper begins installing applications and restoring app data
  • VARs begin accessing the environment to install/configure special software elements
  • CloudJumper creates remaining Users and prepares/distributes end User documentation
Day 4
  • CloudJumper performs the first pass at migrating data
Day 5
  • CloudJumper sends documentation to admin User and schedules a 15 min remote session with an end User
Day 6
  • CloudJumper an end User have a 15 min remote session to go over setup and testing
Day 7-8
  • End User will test for a day or two at most and ensure that all new setup is completed for ALL users
  • End User provides a list of testing issues if any and schedules a date for live cut-over
Day 9
  • CloudJumper restores live app data and performs final data seed pass (during an evening or over the weekend)
Day 10
  • End Users are *live* in the new environment the next morning and the old environment is powered down
Migration complete!
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