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VMBlog: CloudJumper Interview with David Marshall, VMBlog at IGEL


VMblog spoke with CloudJumper while at the IGEL Technology DISRUPTEUC 2019 event taking place in Silicon Valley. Watch and listen as the company talks about their product solutions as well as how they are working with IGEL as a partner. Read More

CloudJumper is a software and services company in the Cloud Workspace and RDS enablement markets. CloudJumper Partners can select either CloudJumper’s full-service Cloud Workspace platform, or roll their own platform using CloudJumper’s award winning Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS) software. CWMS automates delivery of hosted Windows desktops, application services, and Microsoft workloads. It allows IT service managers to deliver app streaming, VDI, DaaS and WaaS with minimal labor, lower costs, and faster delivery times.