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As a company, we have always walked the stabilizing middle-ground of having both long-tenured staff, with their institutional memories; and newly hired team members with their different ideas and ways of supporting our partners and customers. Always, this has helped us create a winning mix, and it has always allowed us to stay on the cutting edge of technology while still providing a dynamic cloud solution built on a solid foundation.

While our team tenures remain long – CloudJumper is a special place to work – recently, CloudJumper has added a powerful cadre of seven industry veterans to our already amazing team.  As the head of marketing, I can’t remember a single time when I approved more sets of business cards or logoed apparel!

In the last few months, we have added five executives, a sales manager and an operations director, all brand new positions at CloudJumper. Our magnificent seven bring with them backgrounds from big tech, software services, leading MSPs, telecom and, of course, cloud computing! Their direct experience and now positions at CloudJumper cut across a wide swath of our org chart, including sales, product development, operations, training, customer support and more. Thought leaders all, they bring to CloudJumper their ideas, pens, video cameras, voices, systems and processes, all to help us build from great to amazing.

The team they join has worked together for a long time, many for as much as 15 years and more. Who we have been, we will remain: a team born to the cloud and remaining fully committed to providing the pioneering solutions we have been building and honing for much of our respective professional lives. We have been and will remain deeply connected to our most important industry partnerships, many of whom go back to the first days of our company. We are infinitely proud of the position we hold in the Microsoft ecosystem.  But that’s just who we are: we seek to build the necessary, deep relationships within our industry to ensure that our company always remains cutting-edge and that our software and services always remain the most secure solution for our partners and our customers.

As are here today, we have cut our teeth at the industry’s largest leaders including Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, IGEL, Nortel, IBM, AT&T and others. We’ve run MSPs including our own start-ups, and some of the biggies, including CMIT and TeamLogic IT. Collectively, we have been working in, on, around and through the cloud since before the term really even existed.

We are proud of what we do at CloudJumper, but never too proud to learn … to explore new ways to do what we have been doing forever … to welcome new members to our team. If you want to join CloudJumper, only the best will do!

Keep reading our blog as we will begin sharing voices from across our team to give you a wide variety of perspectives of what the cloud means to us, and how we are deploying it in support of your business.

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Why We Blog

At CloudJumper, we are a team of thought-leaders, always seeking to answer, what if? That’s how we came to build the industry’s most robust and easiest VDI/WVD orchestration & management tool.

We seek to bring that same energy to our blog. Weekly, team members from across our company come here to share their thoughts, opinions, and observations about what makes the cloud go. Want to add your own opinion?

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