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We’ve Been Embracing Columbus’ Spirit for Decades


As Director of Marketing, I have been with our company since February of 2007, and I have been using our solution in one form or another since the collective company’s founding in 2000. That’s right, for more than 18 years, I have been logging into my desktop in the cloud to do my daily work. Quite honestly, it would just about kill me to go back! It is from this vantage point, that I so completely respect CloudJumper as a pioneer of the Cloud.

So, Columbus. A controversial figure no doubt, but who can argue with his success and the vision he possessed? As I used Wikipedia to remind myself about his journeys, it became obvious that his success came from: (1) very hard work, (2) an attention to giving his customer what they wanted, and (3) always keeping an eye to the future of what could be wrought from land where few others had tread.

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, but his vision started so much earlier, ah, just like us! Come back to 1993 with me to explore a eureka moment of a most visionary man working hard to figure out how to install a LAN in his small business. That’s when Al Cinelli had his what-if moment: what if I didn’t have to manage my own computer network and instead I could just login to it using that Internet service I have been reading about? Yes, a what-if moment: what if there’s a shorter passage was to Asia? Explorers and pioneers have been asking themselves that question across the millennia. That day in 1993, it was Al’s turn. Of course, in 1993 the technology wasn’t there…nowhere near it! But, remember, it took Columbus time too. He was turned down by all the heads of the European crowns, until Spain’s King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella finally agreed to finance his journey.

In the year 2000, an ASP (application services provider) was born in a much more auspicious way than how Columbus set sail from Spain. In those early days, we quickly discovered the technology still wasn’t where it needed to be for scale or to support anything other than the smallest of companies. But nay, we didn’t pack it in, no rough seas were going to turn us around!

Instead, we continued to explore, to build, and to ask what if, just as any good pioneer would. Heck yes, it was every bit as hard as Columbus’s conquering of the West, only in very different ways. Instead of finding the natives “guileless and honest,” we found potential customers being either dubious of the product or excruciatingly demanding that we support their business every day, all day to provide them an amazing alternative to their IT.

No doubt, just as Columbus knew he had to please the monarchy of Spain to ensure he could continue exploring, we had to please the end customer. Our customers didn’t want riches; instead, they wanted simplified IT, and along with it, they wanted a storage solution for their on-prem software applications. Still so nascent and wanting nothing more than please everyone who would listen, we did it (we had no choice!), and the result was nothing less than ground-breaking. Like Columbus discovering America, we discovered how to host software in a multi-tenant environment – created it really, the technology, the processes, the systems. And, it would be years before anyone else would even come close to matching us.

That’s when the big guys began to take notice of us! Again, Columbus: at first no one wanted to fund his voyages then he showed success, and his name was evermore known throughout the land. Back to new millennium, soon, one industry giant after another came courting, including Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, RES and so many others. They used our data center, our team and our solutions as their de-facto test lab to see how their products would work in the cloud. They wrote case studies on us and paraded us in front of their conferences; again, not the crown heads of Europe, but just as cool and arguably, just as important. In return we got access to their technologies, so we could continue looking into the future and yes, asking not what if, but what’s next? and never resting on our laurels!

That dogged-determination led us build today’s most robust, most reliable cloud solution on the planet. It led us to have an amazing network of MSP partners who have succeeded – right along with us – in the cloud land-grab. It has led to Microsoft identifying CloudJumper as a “leading partner” for their newest solution, Windows Virtual Desktop. In short, it led to CloudJumper being a pioneer of Cloud Computing.

As we look into the future, we know it is huge for us, for our Cloud WaaS solution, Cloud Workspace®, for our software, Cloud Workspace Management Suite, and for the company that started on the most time-honored question: what if? We will never stop asking it! If you’re ready to explore the cloud for your business, why would you work with anyone else?

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