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What Companies are Best Suited to Move to the Cloud? All of Them


Today, everywhere you look, the talk is all about the cloud. All this chatter simply begs the question: who should be making the leap to the cloud? No matter the size, there are benefits for every company. Depending on the maturity of a business, certain features will be more attractive than others. Let’s take a look how cloud computing helps grow a business, no matter its form.

Startups | All About Preserving Cash
During the start-up phase of a business, cash just goes and goes, often without much revenue coming in. As much as possible, start-ups need to preserve cash. Their IT needs can be very basic; but in today’s business climate, almost assuredly they are very complex and are quite possibly at the core of what they are selling. The cloud makes it happen for SMBs with:

• Low cost access to enterprise-class security and backup
• An Opex purchasing model & low financial barrier to entry
• Complete flexibility to expand and contract as the business does
• Support for remote and contract workers
• Rapid deployment of network infrastructure, staff and LOB apps

The real beauty of cloud computing for startups is that there is a pricing and feature tier that can meet the needs of even the smallest company. Both Microsoft and Google can provide startups with a full word processing/email/document management solution at a very low monthly rate.

Small Businesses | No Need for Internal IT Resources
As a business grows beyond a startup, they need to always keep an eye toward how best to strategically deploy their resources. With the cloud and a good MSP, small businesses can indefinitely stave off the need to hire internal IT resources, allowing them to keep their focus on their core competencies. Here are just a few benefits for small businesses that transition to the cloud:

• Simplified IT, externally managed, with complete control
• Advanced security in world-class data centers
• Easy backup and recovery and virus protection
• Management of all company software
• No more IT projects

Large Enterprises | A Hybrid Solution Keep the Focus on the Strategic
Maybe it all started with just the sales team deploying, or with IT and a server for testing purposes. Large enterprises are much more complex, and often technology projects originate outside of IT. Big business was slowest business type to embrace the cloud, but now, they are becoming just as likely to put at least portion of their IT in the cloud.  And today, their motivations aren’t much different than the companies lower down on the food chain. They want:

• Dynamic security that rivals or improves that of their own infrastructure
• Hassle-free IT: elimination of server, application, desktop, backup management
• Off-network IT systems testing environments
• Ease of scalability
• Cost savings
• Support for an increasingly mobile workforce
• Support for their business continuity contingency plans

For all three company types today, the most difficult obstacle they have to overcome is finding the right partner to support their off-prem IT. This is where first-rate MSPs are making the most headway. They have the knowledge to support a wide variety in sizes of businesses, and now those MSPs need the cloud to wrap up the picture.

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