Why CloudJumper ?

Simple Pricing, Lower Resource Costs
Our pricing model is so simple, understanding your invoice is easy. We optimize costs by dynamically scaling your server resources to keep your cloud solution cost effective and simple.
Windows Virtual Desktop Ready
Make your Cloud Workspace future proof: switch today, and convert it to WVD once it’s ready.
Enterprise Grade, No Matter Your Size
We built our service and software with Fortune-500 in mind, then we priced it for everyone... no matter whether you need 10 or 10,000+ virtual desktops.
The Right Cloud For Everyone
At CloudJumper, we're data center agnostic, because we can be! We were born in the cloud for any cloud, including: Azure, GCP, AWS, and even your vSphere and Hyper-V private cloud.
On-Prem Performance With Cloud Benefits
Our solutions feel identical to working locally: we support any workload, including GPU-intensive software. You can access everything from all your devices, and it’s completely secure.
Level Up Your RDS
Whether you are migrating on-prem desktops to the cloud or need to manage an existing RDS environment, use our JumpStart software to bring your customers to Cloud Workspace®.