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Windows Virtual Desktop

Quickly deploy multi-session Windows 10 desktops and apps on Azure, that come with built-in security and compliance features. Deploy in CloudJumper, and you are working a Microsoft named leading partner for WVD
Simplify Your End User Computing with a Desktop Digital
Transformation from Microsoft & CloudJumper.

Interested in Windows Virtual Desktop?

CloudJumper: The Easy Button for Azure & WVD

Supporting Your Digital Transformation

Supporting Your Desktop Virtualization.
Cloud Workspace® Management Suite is our simple yet powerful cloud orchestration tool that makes it quick, easy and painless to deploy and manage Cloud Workspaces (WVD or Classic RDS) and their associated application infrastructure and with less cost.
It manages the entire life-cycle for your cloud deployments with support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008 R2, 2016 & 2019 in Azure, GCP, AWS and private clouds.

Now, Windows Virtual Desktop.
When Microsoft announced Windows Virtual Desktop in fall of 2018, they named CloudJumper as a Leading Partner for the solution. Our development and product teams have been working with Microsoft since 2017 on the development of Windows Virtual Desktop.

Born in the Cloud Desktop Virtualization.
We have been part of the cloud story for almost two decades. From day 1, we have always been committed to use only best-in-class technologies. Today, that means Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure in support of our born-in-cloud EUC Environment management solution, Cloud Workspace Management Suite.